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Unilateral deafness and constant tinnitus in 1 ear will a hearing aid help?


I have lost a fair bit of hearing in my right ear - my hubby says I have been struggling for a couple of years as I was always turning the TV up! However this became much worse around Christmas last year - when I was going out and really not understanding a word people were saying - I could tell they were talking - but just couldn't understand. I then realised I had a constant fizz in that ear (like white noise - between radio stations) and to be fair had a few issues with balance and dizziness now and again. Got checked at GP's - and also Specsavers hearing test showed a marked difference between left and right ears (they wouldn't give me a hearing aid!) - so fast forward March this year I had ENT appointment - had MRI (without contrast) in May to check for acoustic neuroma - that apparently is clear - and was told I would be getting a hearing aid for my bad right ear. Has anyone had this? Did the hearing aid work? - and how long did you wait to get a hearing aid ? (I've waited at least 10 weeks now). I am supposed to be referred to neurology department on deafness front as ENT seem clueless as to why I have gone so deaf in 1 ear. I don't know if they have 'lost' me in the system somewhere as I have had no news on either front.

Sorry for the long rambling post!

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Get an appointment with the audiologist right away hearing aids certainly help me i had severe tinitus

Hi Maryanne,

I did look into paying for a hearing aid - but audiologist there said to me she would doubt if a hearing aid would help - and wouldn't sell me one. ENT said I can have a hearing aid trial - but I found out today my appointment is not scheduled yet - and it looks like the end of JULY!!! I originally saw my GP at the end of January - so no hurry there. My tinnitus is nothing like a lot of people experience it's not high pitched - it's only in one ear and is like white noise - and for the most of the time I am fairly used to it now - I 'hear' it more when it's quiet or night time - but as I think of it being like between radio stations - i go to sleep pretty much OK - in fact I tend to lie on my good ear - and the fizzing tinnitus blocks out any other noise including my hubby snoring! My biggest problem is hearing at work - I work in a reception area - and I use my good ear on the phone - but can't deal with someone trying to talk in my bad ear when I am using the good one - I can tell they are talking - but i can't make sense of what they are saying. This is where I hope a hearing aid will help.

My hearing has deteriorated badly over the past year and, like you, it took ages to see an ENT person who ultimately told me there is nothing that can be done to improve my hearing other than a hearing aid. Sadly, for me, the hearing aid is not doing the trick as my hearing loss is severe but hearing aids certainly do work for most moderate going toward severe loss and some hearing aids from the NHS can be programmed to build in sound to combat tinnitus.

I have rung audiology dept to move appointments forward/ to get them more quickly. They do have cancellations and if you have been waiting a while, you can make them aware of your needs and appointment staff have been good. It helps to be pro-active - just waiting didn't help me.

Hi Christoph!

Yes I did ring today and found out that I am looking at the end of July - they are completely overwhelmed with demand at the moment. To be honest I am not surprised - but I do think it would be good if they gave you a realistic time scale instead of leaving you guessing. I also found out today that despite seeing ENT consultant 3 weeks ago - he still has sent nothing through to my GP - so I guess I won't be seeing a neurologist anytime soon either!


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I have had very similar symptoms to you. I gradually lost about 70% of the hearing in my left ear. I had tinnitus/pulsatile tinnitus, poor balance. Then further down the line, severe vertigo attacks. After a MRI/CT scan to rule in/out acoustic neuroma, I was diagnosed with meniere's disease. This was private under a very experienced ENT surgeon. My loss of hearing is now permanent, something to ask your consultant about if its not been ruled out.

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Thanks Jimac

Did you get a hearing aid? Did it help? I have got an appointment for audiology now. I have made an appointment to see my GP too as I have no clue who's supposed to be dealing with me now ??? ENT seems to think menieres is a Neuro problem - but then again - I have been having issues with a burnt tongue sensation as well.

Meniere's disease is ENT, its inner ear, definitely not neuro. I was misdiagnosed initially, it's been a long process. Private consultant recommended a hearing aid, NHS consultant wasn't interested. Tbh the hearing loss is tolerable, as is the tinnitus. It's the awful severe vertigo attacks which terrify me. It's very debilitating.

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Really appreciate the info Jimac.

Fortunately my hubby was with me on my consultation - he is also coming with me to see GP as we both agree that the ENT consultant was not helpful -basically shrugging his shoulders and saying your problem is not my department! I also don't always pick up what is said so I need an extra pair if ears to hear what I miss. I want to ask advice and then I will decide where I go next - Neuro or a second ENT opinion.

Sounds like the first ENT doctor I saw, hopeless. Second doctor, an experienced consultant immediately said 'your symptoms don't match the diagnosis'. There is no test for meniere's. You have to rule everything else out and the accepted range of symptoms. It's not dizziness, you get severe attacks of vertigo and sickness. It put me on the floor, unable to move or open my eyes. See your gp and ask to see another doctor.

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