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Famous person for campaign

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Famous person

I think it would be a good idea for tinnitus awareness week to get some one famous who has got t or has a family member who has it to lead the campaign some one people follow on media sites and who people listen to then perhaps the word would get out there are famous people who have t that’s the only time it’s in the news is when a famous person says they have it.

25 Replies
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I agree with you I'm surprised that and all the famous people out there who do have tinnitus have not come out and spoke about it.

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Joeb17 in reply to Freddy17

Perhaps someone on this forum who is on social media should try to reach out to a famous person with t and try to get them on board I am not on social media at the moment as some of the hateful posts I got trying to get people on board or I would have tried


There were a few celebrities on Action Against Hearing Loss (I think) who said they had Tinnitus but not much else really xo

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jbradford42 in reply to GERTRUDEANDDAISY

Hi I think you’ll find loads of famous people have T I’ve seen a list somewhere. But yes you’d think some celebrity or sports person would just at the chance to help.

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Joeb17 in reply to jbradford42

I have just found a list of celebrity’s who have t

Will I am

William shatner from Star Trek

Woppie Goldberg

There are quite a few

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Enitram24 in reply to Joeb17

Barbra Streisand I think !

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HayleyStephens in reply to jbradford42

Yes all those mentioned. Jo whiley and Martin Kemp too.Will I Am, is a lovely guy who does loads for charity. I think people need to be more aware of the fact it effects young people and people without hearing loss. Has T got the reputation of being an older persons with hearing loss or damage condition. x


Yeah, I think that’s why Will I Am has headphones around his neck all time. Mark Ronson, Suzanna Reid, Jamie from Made in Chelsea have it xo

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Maybe an MP with T and who has clout could raise the issue in Parliament. That may get something rolling as well. It’s an issue hidden under a rock for too long. The only ones looking for solutions appear to be us and the BTA. Health professionals either know of it or are cloth eared to be seeking solutions. Private professionals just want to make money and often don’t care if their advice or solutions are adequate for the task. There has to be a solution or better help to at least reduce the noise levels or are we all just going to be left in silence. Now that is a novel thought to end with!

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Ingrid-p in reply to HissingSid

I totally agree with you. Why isn’t there more publicity? I know the BTA are doing their best, but surely this should be headline news as it affects so may people, millions in fact. I belong to an FB tinnitus group and every single day at least 10 more people are added. It’s almost like an epidemic that’s only going to get worse. I fear for youngsters constantly wearing headphones. My daughter had a brief experience of what it’s like, but thank God it was temporary.

I know it’s tinnitus awareness week soon, but I bet if I asked any one of my family or friends they will see nothing about it in the news, papers or even FB.

What’s the answer?

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HissingSid in reply to Ingrid-p

You are right as I note various other causes promoting their awareness weeks or days but never Tinnitus. I’m on Facebook and linked to other causes there or by email yet I see nothing about Tinnitus. Shame that it’s a forgotten issue except for people who suffer from Tinnitus in one form or another.

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Joeb17 in reply to HissingSid

You my not know but I am not on Facebook anymore because I got some nasty comments when I said that if my post about tinnitus was concerning an other illness one person called it an arashole illness and that was from one of my sisters step daughter

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HissingSid in reply to Joeb17

Just shows you that you can pick your partner but not your relations! Shame on her for not being sensible about your plight and fight with T.

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Joeb17 in reply to HissingSid

I have just heard that the other day she lost a friend to cancer so perhaps she was upset and didn’t think I hope that’s the reason.

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HissingSid in reply to Joeb17

Sorry if I over reacted yesterday.

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Joeb17 in reply to HissingSid

You did not over react the were only saying what needed to be said

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Great idea for sure. I wish any famous person would be great ... just ask any musician perhaps ? Will keep my ears open, the one without Tinnitus. ,😊

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There are plenty of celebs who have made public comments about their T, but they have the same problem as we do. The general population just aren't interested.

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Perhaps to cloud fund a documentary featuring a number of celebrities, musicians, artists, doctors, children or whoever might grab the publics attention. Netflix would air it. Post shorts on YouTube. Media blitz etc.

What's the story though? If tinnitus is on the rise, why?

Ear buds, toxicity of environment, cell phone towers?

If it's just a symptom of various bad health conditions, maybe there is no point in publicizing it. The bottom line is, if there's more money in curing it than causing it, someone will find a cure and that's worth making some noise.

There are enough followers on this site to launch a survey. Formulate a questionare that will bring some real data to this conversation. We really need to crunch the numbers here. What do we all have in common?

If the survey reveals trends or patterns that point to a potential cause, it may help bring more focus on finding a cure.

If we wait for academia to do this, they will divide and concour the money and plunder whatever answers they find unless they can sell the secrets to the corporations interested in hiding the truth.

As for celebrities, they may not want to focus on their own T let alone, having their fans constantly bringing it up, however, I'm sure someone will want to be the poster child.

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Joeb17 in reply to Wringing1212

I’m 60 and have had serve t for about 4 years now

Till I was about 40 I used to go to pubs a listen to live bands

And since leaving school I have worked i the print industry but use to wear ear protection

So my t could have been caused by the noise

Mine came on serve t straight from the start.

How do we go about starting a survey.


🤔 😎

Isn't this link what we are talking about?

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Wringing1212 in reply to ChooseYourUsername

It's wonderful! One thing I'd change on it is that "it's that simple". Damage to the inner cochlear is one cause of tinnitus but their are many other irritants that can produce T symptoms as well. My Audiologists have pointed to hearing loss for 21 years. Recent research suggests that their earlier understanding of T was mistaken.

Publicity for the facts is more important than supporting a simplification of the issue. It's another type of dismasal "it's just that simple".

My severe T hasn't yielded hearing loss in 21 years. I have four immediate relatives that had suffered T with no hearing loss. One grew out of it and one was cured by spinal fusion, and the others still have it. One is a registered nurse, and believes hers was brought on by high doses of ibuprofen. The other is her son, who's had it his entire life and is now in nursing school.

I wear ear plugs, but noise is not the root cause of my symptom as the hearing tests have revealed.

We as a culture, have polluted and twisted our world to an environment our bodies have not evolved to endur. It's likely that 10 percent of our population is predisposed to T by exposure to something we added to the mix. Noise is definatley high on the list, but mercury at levels that cause toxicity is up their with it. Companies like DuPont or Verizon don't want you to know the affects of chemicals and radio waves on the eco system. Doctors are largely compartmetalized and put money first so they aren't asking these questions.

For many of us, the culprit is noise, but maybe there is more to this thing we call T. If you research how memory stimulates nerve growth, you will be touching upon the origins of T.

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I posted something similar a while ago;



Check it out

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Believe me, we are always trying to get celebrities on board to raise awareness. Some will do a little, some flat out refuse (no names, no pack drill!) Some are very helpful and Sam Baines has just come on board as Ambassador.

If anyone does have any contact with anyone with tinnitus with any degree of influence/fame please let us know and we will reach out to them!

And hopefully, everyone saw that it was Tinnitus Week last week :)

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

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