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Manual ear wax removal

I see Specsavers are offering manual ear wax removal for 35.00 per ear. I got my left ear irrigated 8 months ago and as a result I am now haunting you guys 😁.

My right ear is a bit gunky and I would now only have wax taken out manually. Anybody here used this service and does it need softening with oil beforehand (thought of having a blocked ear for a week terrifies me).

Ad also says...No wax, no fee !

Ta much


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Yay Shellipops, fortunately I have never had to have wax removed from my ear, however if you check out the related posts on this topic you might find them helpful. Generally some people say it is better to use a wax softener up to 10 days before removal as it helps? Apparently there is also a link on bta.org/ear wax but I haven't read it. I hope you're doing ok and good luck with the wax removal.


Love your Yay intros Zene...its like Zene has entered the building !!...always makes me smile😀. Im doing ok thanks and hope you are well. Manual removal only for me now...I called them re appt and they advised to not use anything as it will be picked and scooped out.

Take care S

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Yay Shellipops, awww thanks for your reply, that made me smile too. I'm plodding along like we all have to. I'm glad Ruud1boy could give you his personal experience. At least now, should I ever need it in the future I'll know what to opt for, although there is always varying opinions out there with almost everything these days. Take care X

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I had mine cleared manually, using the little ENT scoops, last week at a private clinic. I use Earol twice a week to keep my earwax soft and hopefully assist the normal function of my ears clearing themselves, but the guy said if you want them clearing manually, it's better to actually lay off the drops for a week or two beforehand. If you're having microsuctioning / irrigation, softer is better, as it makes it easier to get it out, and the BTA advise these methods are best, but I know I've had problems with both in the past - either affecting my hearing and / or making my tinnitus worse. As such, it's manual all the way for me from now on. He reckoned if the wax is a bit drier, it's easier to get a hold of it using the tackle.


Cheers Rudd,

Me too, manual only from now on.


It does seem ludicrous that microsuctioning is put forward as the safest option for people w/ T. The little suction tube doesn't make a huge amount of noise when it's at arms length, but it gets a lot louder when it's next to your ear and then when it's in your ear canal, less than 10mm from your eardrum, with nowhere else for the sound to go, the sound is unreal.

The guy I spoke to recently said it can reach 120db! How can that be safe?


I know, this forum and others are fulll of folks whom got T from syringing, irrigation, and microsuction. Theres more control and less invasion with manual removal and it does seem to be becoming more widely available. I will always advocate manual removal but I guess its up to the individual. If I had known then what I know now I probably wouldnt be on here 🤬


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