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Sick of Doctors fobbing me off


So I went to a walk in clinic today, as I’m suffering still with earache, burning my god awful humming and on off buzzing in my left ear, headache, my glands in my neck are up again.. fed up of feeling like I have a constant chronic ear infection.

After a 2 hour wait, I see a dr, as usual look in my ears, see said my ear drum looks perfectly fine, no sign of infectionbut I have slight narrowing and swelling in my bad ear.. yet again no antibiotics though, it was only due to my moaning that I’ve been suffering since January 2016 that I’ve got some kind of antibiotic eardrops but she wasn’t confident in them working. I’m at my wits end now, fed up with the humming, fed up with the loud on off buzzing I have on top of the humming, fed with the earache/pain.. I don’t feel anyone is taking me seriously, I’m scared of what this could be in my middle ear, a tumour? Something is causing the physical symptoms, I’m so tired of this.. I have a ent appointment next month at a different hospital, my last ent appointment 2 years ago was a waste of time as the dr there looked bored and not interested and told me it would go in time by itself... don’t know what else to do 😔

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Hi, j had this exact same problem, in the end I saw a locum doctor who sat on edge her desk pulled my ear out an saw I had Opis media inner era infection and y ear drum was ready to burst non of other doctors had seen this it had been going on long time did get antibiotics but didn't help I'm afraid, but it's subsided it can last up to 6 months.

Yes, doctors loose interest in diagnosing patients. They get paid either way.

So many things in the ear, still not understood. Maybe they shouldn’t get paid until they do understand and care.

I’ll bet you will know more about your condition than the doctors soon enough, because you will follow through with the trouble shooting via networking.

It’s so frustrating as I know that once I can get to the bottom of the earache, swelling and fullness/heavy feelignin my ear and get that sorted I’m sure my T will fade with it, I’m confident in that the T I have is being caused by what ever is happening in my ear somewhere, for my neck glands to keep going up in my throat means my body is trying to fight something going on, with all T it’s a symptom of something, whether it’s hearing loss, ear trauma or something else, you don’t just get T for no reason! A good doctor should investigate further to find the root of the problem, not fob is off with saying T can’t be treated!

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