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Hi, I'm Tom, I'm 58 and have had T for quite some time now. Thankfully, most of the time it is an annoying and constant high pitched hiss in both ears. Sometimes the T pulsates randomly as if it was angry and growling. However, when I am tired or stressed it becomes almost deafening. When it gets this bad I get vertigo. Although the vertigo seems to be wearing off now or I am learning how to cope with it. I also have hearing loss in my right ear and I am beginning to think I'll need a hearing aid. This looks like a minefield, with the range and cost of them, and not knowing how it will effect my T.

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Hi Tom, I have slight hearing loss in my right ear for which I was given a hearing aid, plus a masker on the other ear. They are the main reason my T has quietened. They were provided free by the local NHS hospital. Angela


HI Tom. I am Michael and I've had tinnitus for quite a while too. Looking forward to having more chats with you.

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Hi Tom Please try your local Audiology Department at your local hospital via your GP, The NHS should supply them free and they do help, Dont be worried about wearing one health comes before anything else,

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Sorry Tom i didn't sign off

Best Wishes



Thank you all for you kind replies. Definitely some food for thought. Tom


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