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Panic stricken, my ferritin level is 260, says normal. Lady on here seeing consultant as hers is 200.

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That's the danger of going through this forum, it might be that the other poster is seeing a consultant for different issues and/or the measurement unit is different than the lab range your lab uses. Our hospital lab has the normal range for ferritin as 30 - 400 ug/L.

Not having good day. Hope you and your husband had good walk today. Thank you for replying. X

No walk today, too cold. Going out tomorrow when weather is due to be warmer though we have snow on the hills.

Scotland beautiful. Hope you can get out tomorrow. Xxxxx

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laura53923 in reply to AyrshireK

Today we have had frost then rain then sun then sleet then snow then sun then hail and now sun .... they didn't forcast any of that !

Yep, no park today for granddaughter.

Different labs have different reference ranges.

Don’t panic ferritin is the marker for your iron stores, you result is great, you will not get iron deficiency anaemia. Be happy it’s wonderful news.

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Worriesalot in reply to Cat-B

Folate was borderline and was advised to take supplement. Very confusing. Thank you for reply.

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Cat-B in reply to Worriesalot

Folate is a vitamin B, totally different from ferritin, try looking at your diet and eat more foods high in vitamin B, like green leafy vegetables and whole grain bread. And please stop panicking that’s what is most likely making you feel ill

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Worriesalot in reply to Cat-B

I know. Just my symptoms tell me my US and LFTs are wrong. I’m a female, losing my hair, change in bowel habit, nasty taste in my mouth. I’m so afraid but doc won’t listen to my fears.

I think mine was 3000 when I was in hospital,Im still here...

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Worriesalot in reply to deanw41

My word, you’ve done so well though.

Yes I have, thank you. Do you have open communication with your doctor/consultant etc?

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Worriesalot in reply to deanw41

It’s almost impossible to speak to anyone medical. I don’t have a consultant because I have normal LFTS and bit of fatty liver. I just have these symptoms though.

Please don't worry about ferritin itself - so long as any condition you have is being treated and monitored ferritin is not a probem. Mine runs above 600 and does not cause a problem, alsothe consultant does not suggest that anything needs to be done.

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Worriesalot in reply to Johnwg

According to lab it’s within normal range. I don’t have a consultant and have not seen my doctor face to face. I have normal LFTS and US was normal except for bit of fatty liver. She didn’t test portal vein though which I was disappointed about. Thanks for reply.

You have to remember that an ultrasound is the preferred imaging method for the liver, and will also, in fact, show at least the main portal vein. With a clear US and blood tests within range, there is little more that even a consultant would do. Worrying will only make matters worse, as I'm sure you know, and anxiety itself can lead to various aches and pains and changes in bowel habits. Easy to say, but not so easy to do, just try not to worry so much.

Thanks for this.

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Lab reference ranges can differ. Please take guidance from your own doctors.

Ferritin 260 is not much elevated, ferritin can go up a little due to minor inflammation or infection. Higher levels of ferritin can raise suspicions of iron overload (Haemochromatosis) but for that to be suspected, your transferrin saturation would be raised as well as your ferritin. You should be monitored for a while to see if it goes up any more.

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