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Right upper quadrant pain


I have been back and forth to the Drs without success so far. Lft’s all fine, ultrasound fine but intermittent RUQ pain for many years and a history of drinking.

I have abstained for a good few weeks and generally the pain feels a bit better although someday it is bad. On Friday I risked a pint and Saturday I felt the pain more for a while. It seemed to be better after a bowel movement but only briefly. I have also been feeling it a lot after I drink coffee.

Three quick questions if you don’t mind;

- could alcohol pain caused by an enlarged liver only last for a few hours and is one drink enough?

- going to the toilet seemed to alleviate the pain but only briefly. Is this possible with liver pain?

- could coffee cause the same pain if there is a problem with my liver?

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Hi. I’m very similar to yourself, intermittent stitch like pain and seems related to food and drink, although I stopped drinking alcohol 6 months ago.

Mild fatty liver found on ultrasound but not enough to cause pain apparently (?) and LFT’s always clear.

I’ve made a nuisance of myself with GP and got gastro referral, waiting for MRCP and HIDA scan now, consultant suspects gallbladder or bile duct problems.

Maybe worth looking into? Would be interested to hear others views! Good luck x

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