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Afraid to get checked for cirrhosis


Some symptoms include parotid enlargement and a cyst in parotid, spider veins on face and head, a few red spots on stomach, swollen belly and not hungry. Very painful after I do eat. Funky toenail growth. Itchy red hands. Damn I think I remembered all of them. I had pancreatitis for years and I thought I was drinking less because I didn’t want that pain again but I must have been drinking enough. I can’t imagine how disappointed my wife and family will be. I have let them down. I stopped drinking 8 weeks ago today but the symptoms got stronger a few weeks after stopping for some reason. How do I bring myself to go to the dr.

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Hi James,

You just do! It’s vital that you do. You’ve been dry for nearly two months which is great but not enough. I was like you, out of my mind with worry but being worried does nothing except hold you back. Please go to your gp and tell them you were drinking too much, have stopped but are worried about your symptoms. They will take it from there.

You know you must do this. If you want take your wife with you for support.

I sincerely hope you do this and get the help you need.

Isabelle xx


James you MUST go. Ask your wife to go with you. You must stay away from booze for ever. Gather as much info as you can from your doc and the livertrust website in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Please don't become another victim like my husband and leave another family devasted. GO GO GO !! ××

Listen to the ladies James!. The reason your symptoms are seemingly getting stronger is that they are no longer being masked or covered up by the alcohol. You are noticing. After I stopped drinking i found myself in a hell of a state, I had no idea how ill i was, the consultant said if i hadn,t stopped then i would have been dead in a year. Please, go to the doctor and tell the truth. Well done on taking the first step of stopping. x x x

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