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Useful info on medical conditions and driving


Whilst trying to research what medical condition I might have, which caused the DVLA to only issue my licence for a year, (they didn't name one), I came across this list.

It is fairly extensive! Most GPs don't read it, but it does show how many conditions should be notified to the DVLA. My personal advice is don't tell the DVLA until you have discussed with your GP. Have a happy day!

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Gosh, the list is incredible!

How do you know that "most GPs don't read it..." ?

in reply to Paulio

Two GPs (of my own) at two different practices, one. DVLA appointed doctor, two, consultants, all admitted that they were not familiar with DVLA guidelines, (I have not included the GPs I know as friends, as they were not asked at appointments). My mother, although now too ill to drive, suffered from TIAs, was not informed by GP, NOT to drive. I told her, but she ignored me! So I suppose it is an opinion I have formed from my own experience :)

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