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UK NHS hospitals with Fibroscan?

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Does anyone know where I can find a list of which UK NHS hospitals have a Fibroscan?

Kettering General Hospital had one bought for them by charitable funds in 2013-14 as I found a report by the charity saying so, but there is no sign of this on the Kettering General Hospital website. Surely this is something they would be proud of and using? My Mum has only been referred for a CT scan for cirrhosis diagnosis and I really don't want her to have to undergo any painful procedures unless really necessary.

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The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has one

01603 286286

BRI Bristol

I never new they had hospital Kettering do you live near Wisbech ?

The place I got refered to was the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham the nearest liver specialist hospital. I live in Northampton

THE Hospital to go to!


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Thanks David - how do you go about getting referred? I am going to follow this up to get my Mum the best care that's possible.

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The consultant in Northampton General he was Titus Thomas made the referral.

They looked after me for 5 years and now just had a liver transplant.

You have the right I understand to select the hospital you want to go to. Never having to done that, I am not sure how that works.

The travelling is a pain but very worth it,

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Thanks again David - I will ask the questions at Kettering General Hospital!

West Suffolk Hospital Bury St Edmunds has one

Thank you everyone - currently trying to get a just a normal CT scan appointment on the "2 week pathway" but due to the consultant not putting a yellow sticker on the original form, the appointment has been set as a general request rather than urgent. New form sent down to CT dept yesterday but STILL no yellow sticker on the form so still can't get a scan date in 2 weeks. Chasing ward and consultant up AGAIN today to get the effing yellow sticker sorted out. Am going to go into the hospital to make sure it gets done. Is this really how the NHS operates?

Hi sarah bedford south wing hospital has one I would say addenbrookes in cambridge would too

Addenbrookes has one

Peterborough also has a fibroscanner.

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