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Anyone here experience spleen pain?

Hi all I have posted on here many times before. I have been liver inflammation since August along with dark urine and paler stools. I have only had one ultrasound scan in six months and am now experiencing Kidney pain and gastro problems on right side of abdomen.

My question is about spleen pain. I have started having stabbing pains under my left rib today. Is this normal for us who have liver inflammation? I have had the usual symptoms of spleen enlargement in the last 6 months (feeling quite full after a meal etc) but just didn't think much of it.

Should I be concerned it has ruptured? The only thing that is saving me from running into A&E at this hour is that I do not feel light headed.

I am feeling rather annoyed as this is something I wasn't told to look out for as they have not done much in terms of testing to get me a diagnosis which would have meant treatment which would also have meant monitoring my condition and other organs.

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Yes been same GP can't get appointmen e/e to ill to sit there for 5hours .i ain't got answer but no how you feel


I dont have stabbing pain but have enlarged spleen. Try red root herb. I recently read about it and it’s a good remedy for spleen issues and splenomegaly. U can read about it anywhere but make sure it says red root not red sage or something else. Red root lol


I think you mean pancreas pain .....dark urine and pale stools is sign of pancreatitis and should never be ignored


Liver and spleen issues go hand in hand. I have auto immune hepatitis and my spleen is massive. The reason for this is my liver is not working properly so my spleen is full of white blood cells. My liver is enlarged also, my white cell count is low, platelets are low, positive for smooth muscle anti bodies which is one thing you must have to be diagnosed with AIH. I need a liver biopsy, too. Not looking forward to!!

So, I digress. I would get checked out for the left sided pain. I doubt it ruptured, you would need a blow to that area or getting into an accident. You should have ultrasound, blood work and go from there. Good luck and feel better.


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What Souppie said is dead on.


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