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Just told

I was told two days before this new year which was also the anniversary of my first born death and my dad's birthday who passed away also.I told the nurse I couldn't do this today and walked out ..now having nothing else on my mind except this horrible virus hepatitus c I'm in a long term relationship and don't know what I'm going to say or do ..I'm not normally like this but feel like jumping off a bridge..I got this virus off my previous partner who didn't tell me her story about how she was a drug addict and a prostitute.When I found out her passed I finished the relationship but by then she had given me a parting present of hepatitis c . She should be locked up for sleeping with someone and forgetting to mention anything about the virus ..now am at a loss what to do or where to go apart from my doctor...I would imagine there are more than a few with the same story out there I'm still numb and worried ...

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Sorry to hear this is what the conversation is you had with nurse at New Year Frazzle1 and I certainly understand what a massive shock this must have been.

You do need to return to the doctors and ask questions particularly you want to ask about treatment options. Hep C is curable with new medications that are available, however, it can be a bit of a postcode lottery as to when health boards will fund the treatment.

You will also need to discuss this with your current partner as they will need to be aware of living safely with the condition.

The British Liver Trust has a page dedicated to Hep C with a downloadable leaflet too or if you ring their helpline or email I believe they will send you out a paper version. Page is at:- britishlivertrust.org.uk/li...

You do need to go back to doctors and ask some questions. You also need addtional follow up to look at if the virus has already had an impact on your liver and how much.

I wish you the very best of luck, this is a curable condition providing you can obtain the necessary medication.



I'm so sorry.I have HPV don't no if it's gone as the the womb the lots gone but I don't have a clue if it caused the lesion on me liver?


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