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Spartan worrier with cirrhosis waiting for the hard news

Hi all , great to know there are others out there alive and hopefully well. I was hospitalised and in ICU we few months back after having a seizure from liver problems and cirrhosis. How far along or how bad the hospital isn't sure and have referred me to a liver specialist.

I am assuming since it wasn't a trip straight there ,merely a double check to quantify the extent of the damage and that I currently feel good it's bad but not as bad as some others.

Other than the muscle loss ,itching and obviously no more alcohol ..

My appointment with the specialist is in just over a month as they are booked till then.Being paranoid I always expect the worst. My questions would be :

1. Will I ultimately need a transplant or die earlier eventually, if I behave from this point. Ie never touch a drink again and lead a healthy lifestyle.

2 what food to avoid

3 can I exercise and take muscle supplements without it negatively affecting my liver. I am 47 and feel even younger.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you


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Hiya Michael I started my liver journey off from being in a coma but we are all individuals and with you saying your in good health that's the main thing and as you say the hospital doesn't seem to be in a big hurry which they would rush you through if they were concerned. None of us know what is around the corner so just enjoy every day and do what you can to avoid any further damage as you mentioned no more alcohol cut salt out and as much pre packaged meals as you can. As for your supplements I am not entirely sure so I would double check with a health professional ... Good luck and fingers crossed you can turn things around πŸ˜€

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