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Concerned mum off two

Hi! I don’t normally post on things like this but feel the need to get my worry’s our my head. I am a 26 year old mum of two boys (3 and 1) Work full time, non smoker occasional drinker. 3 Year’s ago I almost lost the sight in my right eye due to posterior uveitis was on strong steroids and eventually beat it (they never found out the cause of it) For the last 6 months been feeling generally crap, more exhausted than normal. Had bloods done in June showed elevated liver function. They told me to come back if I felt worse and sent me away. Then I started bleeding (pretty much all the time) feeling faint, no appetite, feeling full. Went back, more bloods (results elevated again and eastrogen levels high aswell. They sent me for a pelvis scan everything looked perfect. Now I’m waiting for my upper abdo scan (on the 11th is December) since then had more bloods (due back tomorrow) my questions is. Has anyone out there experienced anything like this??what was the outcome, feeling so paranoid!

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Hi diamondlassy,welcome to the forum ☺. Sorry to hear you are feeling crap ☹. I like you, am a mum of two(13&8), work full time and felt exceptionally exhausted so i went to my gp,he ordered blood tests for allsorts, hormones, thyroid etc suspecting menopause(i am only 33!). Results came back with not much of note except alt(liver enzyme) was slightly raised and vitamin d insufficiency. He then sent me for an ultrasound which confirmed i have a fatty liver, told to lose some weight,take vit d,keep to limits alcohol wise and 6 monthly bloods. It is reassuring your pelvic scan looked good but constant bleeding will add to your tiredness. I also used to have very heavy bleeding and severe anaemia because of it, was prescribed meds for it but couldnt take them. The only thing i found to work for me was a mirena coil. Life changing for me, i am on my 3rd now. I just wanted to share all that as i think my experiences are similar to what you described. Try not to worry too much and wait for your next bloods/ultrasound results n your gp will go from there. Wishing you all the best, Stacie. Xxx


Thanks for the reply Stacie I got my bloods back and they said that now my LFTS had improved slightly so they think I could have had a virus???(that lasted almost 6 months??) The scan will give more info on Monday.


No probs ☺ glad lfts are lowered a bit. I read there are lots of reasons why they can be raised and not all liver related. Good luck with scan, keep me posted. Xxx


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