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Liver Biopsy Today

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Today I have my Liver Biopsy. It feels like it's been a long wait, but in reality it has only been 71 days since I was told I have Liver Problems, (Cirrhosis) due to Liver Toxicity from a heart drug called Amiodorone. I stopped the drug 71 days ago as Fibroscan was scoring 20, and some bloods causing concern too. I am hoping that stopping the medication will have made a difference. I will be glad to get today over with, and then the wait for results. My specialist says that biopsy is the only way to be sure of the Cirrhosis diagnosis. There is a slight possibility the Fibroscan was a false positive result. I'm hoping for that outcome..! How long have people waited for biopsy results. Its only this morning I realize I don't have a follow up appointment organised yet.

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Hi ange1960.

I've had 2 biopsies and had to wait 6mths for the results of my first one but that was due to my Consultant being constantly off sick and that i was Stage 0 at that time. My GP was unable to get the results until the Consultant seen them first. However my second biopsy results came through within a week. They rang me with the results first and then arranged a follow up appointment the so that i could start new medication.

Think there is no set time and it really depends on your results and the Consultant as to how quickly you get them. I believe the reason I got it so quickly the second time was because I was Stage 3 and was in early stages of liver failure.

All the best with the biopsy today. Take care.


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ange1960 in reply to Auds5

Thanks for your reply Auds, I won't be waiting as long as you did. 6 months sounds an outrageous amount of time to wait for results. Glad they moved faster for your 2nd biopsy. I was told today it should be 3-4 weeks, but to give consultants secretary a call in 2 weeks as sometimes they come in earlier.

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