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Is my mum going to die, liver damage

Hi, my mum is in hospital with chronic stomach pains. She has also developed jaundice, light coloured stools, fatigue is off her food and has an enlarged liver. She was told years ago they she had liver damage due to to years of alcohol abuse and now all of this is happening. Has her liver started to give up. I'm really worried and don't know what to think. Thank you in advance for any replies x

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Hi firstly is she off alcohol? And secondly all symptoms you have described are an indicator that her bilirubin is high. Don't despair if she has stopped drinking then things can improve for the short term but if she already had a damaged liver then the only route would be on transplant list but that would be long term solution. You do need to speak to her consultant though to get more information as we are all different x


Hi, my mum stopped drinking about four years ago. She sounds really slurry on the phone today. She also noticed today that she had yellow fluid leaking from where her cannula is and the yellow fluid is going into the cannula tube itself. Her stomach is really tender and is uncomfortable even wearing PJ bottoms.


I don't know about your mothers individual condition, hopefully she will improve, but YOU need support, is there a group out there where you can get support and advice. As a mum, with similar issues to your mum, with a daughter of your age I know from listening to her, some of the agony that my condition has caused to her and the rest of the family, at the time I was causing concern I was too out of it to understand. Hopefully with treatment mum can be well again, but you must try to take care of yourself.

All the best


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