Stage 4 cirrhosis and varices

Hi everyone my name is Rod and in July last year I was diagnosed with stage 4 cirrhosis and osophical varices where I had vomited nearly two pints of blood and had 6 band and glued, I'm now 15 months sober but struggle everyday just doing the simplest of things, my sleeping pattern is shocking as I can't sleep, I've just seen my gastrologist for the first time in a year and he said my liver has stableised, in classed as a grade A which I know is the better grade to have but can anyone give me more info on this grading please, thanking you so much, I'm 40 years old

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  • I am assuming the grading/ scale they are using is the Child Pugh one. There are grade A B, and , C . These are defined by blood sample results , whether you have ascites , are on diuretics etc. I am A 5 , which is the lowest , or the best score you can get . , s the no. defines where you lie withing the scale , drom memory alone, you vould be an A 5 or 6 . If you AR an A you will be compensated , B , compensated to decompensated, C decompensated. You need to get written repor of all your blood samples and tests. If you are strugling , that much even a year later you could be deficient in some form of vitamin or minerals . You must ensure a healthy diet and exercise , in time your liver can still improve.

  • Hey Rod, glad you've stabilised. As said above diet will go along way to making you feel better and working out what vitamins you need to take. Little amours of food often is key and plenty of protein especially from non meat sources.

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