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Is Fibrosis stage 4 the same as Cirrhosis?

Hi I am new here and live in Florida USA. Before I went on Harvoni two years ago to get rid of hep c I had a fibroscan and the Dr told me I had fibrosis stage 4. I went from Stage I grade I hep to that because of all the stinking procedures I had for my bad bladder which is now gone. But after antibiotics about 12 procedures while being put to sleep, I guess it damaged my liver within the span of 5 to 6 years.. I was shocked. Now I wonder If my not being able to sleep is because of my liver. I thought the liver could regenerate if you are careful. Well, I take sleep meds and anti anxiety meds so that doesn't help right? What should I or can I do to get better? Thanks in advance for your reply. Kind Regards, Dagmar AKA Marlies

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