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I have just gained admission into University, to study Operation Department Practice (ODP). The blood test done shows that I have a positive Anti –HBC (IgG/IgM) and negative HepB Surface Ag Anti-HBS 613MIU/MI. In the result given to me at two sexual health clinics, confirmed natural immunity acquired from past infection which means that am no more infectious i.e. cannot pass the infection on. But a doctor in the University advised the management to keep me restricted from undertaking exposure prone procedure. I see this as nothing but DISCRMINATION. I’m frustrated , emotionally and psychologically disturb having a lot of sleepiness night.

Please kindly advice and give all possible assistant.

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I don't know what your Hep B results are saying but if you know for definite you are not able to pass on the condition it seems unfair to bar you from clinical practise as there is guidance in place regarding health care workers who do have a blood borne virus. I don't know if you are in the UK but there is guidance you might refer to at:- gov.uk/government/groups/uk...


Hope the situation can be remedied and you can follow the career path you desire.



Have you got written confirmation from the clinics? What would be the probable outcome if you challenged?

Often when I feel things are unjust, instead of challenging directly I will speak to them and say I need you to explain things to help my understanding and learning. Can you help me as part of my learning to find the evidence so it helps toward my professional understanding and development. It often works. You may need to get in first and then help them to explain their reasoning when they know you as a good student./colleague.

How you question can sometimes make a big difference in how you are listened to and whether it opens or closes doors. Remember, life isn't fair but how we deal with other people's belief or practice helps us to show our professionalism. There are times for direct challenges, but they can cause more problems. Also, it is very useful if you have some understanding of professional practice guidance so you can ask where you need to look that and any research up, to help your understanding. Showing an inquisitive wish to learn not challenge directly may be the most successful way for you. Your written results may then be used as part of a discussion not as something they see as metaphorically hitting them with.

Good luck

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