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Cirrhosis or Gallstones

Hello everyone I am new to here but a couple of days ago i developed alot of pain in my lower abdomen the pain then spread from my lower abdomen to the right upper section of the abdomen. The pain was quite a dull one but a day later i woke up with alot of shoulder pain my urine was normal but i felt quite fatigued. A day after this i went into the hospital as i was quite worried and felt like i was having breathing problem but this could have been due to my anxiety. The doctor basically stated i have a scan as it could be gall stones. The next day after this i noticed my urine was quite dark and my stool i passed was quite yellow. I have had some swelling around that area, back pain and discomfort because of swelling/gas but could this be ascited. My palms are quite red and they said this could be a sign of a liver disease. I am 21 and quite obese my waist measures about 39 and a half inches and am scared this could be non alcohololic fatty liver disease cirrhodis. I haven't slept properly in a couple of days maybe due to fear and the pain at my liver is on and off and can feel like swelling or sharp pain am i thinking too much or is there a high chance of cirrhosis?

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Gallstone pain occurs in upper mid abdominal area and radiates to the opposite area on the back. It is accompanied by dark yellow or amber colored urine, clay colored stool, vomiting and nausea. Pain will be unbearable. Get an ultrasound of whole abdomen.

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Thank you. I went yesterday to request my ultra scan but they said that'll take a couple of days and then they'll give me an appointment but i don't know how long. I am a bit scared as i do not know what the exact problem is or if i have acute liver failure. I have just been praying but have no appetite, been crying since friday and have lost some weight. Can I or should I just go to the hospital tomorrow? Sorry for the long reponses.


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