Varices and pain

Hello all, my first post. Joined this group cos my hubby has cirrhosis as provisional diagnosis. It was discovered when he had an endoscopy to check for ulcers.he thought the pain was from ulcer.before that he had no symtom.and still doesn't have except the serious chest pain .we think its compensated cos hes been giving only proponol and has banded 3times. The problem is that now the pain in his upper chest dosent let him do anything.i feel pity for him ad our doctors here in nigeria are not helping.they just band and let him go.forgot to say he got the cirrhosis through hepatitis hes also on tenovofir for the past doctor prescribed diycocodeine as pain relieve.i hope it dosent add to our problems as he depends on it now.any advice pllssssss

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  • I have just had a liver transplant as a result of cirrhosis it took several years to reach that point. Mine was also due to chronic hepatitis b I am on tenofovir for life and was on propranolol as I had a variceal bleed and 3 bandings. I never had any chest pain at any point and think that is something you need to find out about. The progress from varicies to transplant took several years but a healthy diet and no alcohol is essential. I know this may sound strange but you are lucky to have discovered this many never do. I wish you and your husband good luck but please look after that liver we only get one and find out what the chest pain is. My wishes go with you.

  • Thanks so much.ur reply has helped to give me hope.we will just get a very good gastro.thank you so much.ur reply means aloot

  • Is the chest pain mainly after the banding? Or all the time? The banding can cause pain for a while after but if it's all the time and not related to the banding then speak to the doctor as this could be something else. Hopefully things will get better x

  • It's been more than a month he had the banding.but the pain has just been unbearable this last two weeks.the upper abdomen seems hard.around where the pain is coming from

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