Low white blood count, low red blood count & still high creatinine

Hello all, well my problems are just not stopped. When I fell unwell a month ago I somehow ended up with food poisoning - campylobacter. It took me a month to get better. My WBC and RBC were on the low side when I was in hospital that time with high creatinine. Anyway after discharge I had a few blood tests and again it was lower. The local hospital did not even update the transplant team at Birmingham until the GP was worried and he quickly sent a fax. They stopped my azathioprine on 24th Nov. I had a blood test last week and the WBC and RBC have been even lower. I've now caught another 2 bouts of stomach bug. Once on Sunday with sickness and diarrhoea and then I was fine Monday. I woke up yesterday with diarrhoea again.

The hospital called again yesterday to make sure I've stopped azathioprine and I have a clinic next Thursday.

Anyone else have these problems that resolved itself? Also I'm a bit worried that if I do have AIH then not being on azathioprine is not good either?

Hope to hear of some positive stories. This is getting me down as I've been so exhausted. I'm also toilet training my little boy! Crazy time.


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