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Has anyone experienced dr'so notifying delay or social services of diagnosis?

Just wondering as met a mum in the smoking area who is terrified. it has got me worrying (probably just being over anxious about biopsy) I don't drive, but do have a 16 year old. it is because of a row with her that I stopped drinking in May and I did get a call from ss but they are not involved now and we are all very happy apart from this illness. oddly I feel better than I have for months and have just fitted oak floor in the living room in one Day!

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Sorry should say Dvla!


Hi Jellybabe, it is the driving licence holder's responsibility to notify DVLA if they have one of the many conditions which they deem may affect driving.

These are detailed on the DVLA website at:-

Also available is the General Medical Councils's guidance to doctors which is available at :- .

Doctors must advise patient if they feel their condition might affect driving ability, it is then the driver's responsibility to notify DVLA. If doctors find that their patient is unwilling or unable to notify DVLA then they will do so but must notify the patient in writing that this is their intended course of action.

As regards Social Services then I believe that there is a duty of care placed on everyone to notify SS if a child might be at risk so medical professionals treating someone whom they feel might not be able to care for their child appropriately without support might well find a referral being passed to Social Services. This isn't always a bad thing because they can provide support and help and access to other services, it isn't about labelling people bad parents or stealing kids away.

Wishing you all the best, Katie


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