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Hi I'm new to this so please excuse my friend had severe variceal bleeding in February this came with no warning as she was otherwise healthy they diagnosed her with cirrhosis of the liver due to uncontrolled diabetes,she is now going for banding every four weeks as each time she has them done there seems to be more.she has now got a really bad cough and we're worried that this could cause bleeding again any help appreciated we are terrified of another bleed as it was great work from the a and e Doctors and nurses that she's still here.thank you in advance.

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  • My hubbies cirrhosis came to light in exactly the same way - a massive variceal bleed completely out of the blue. He underwent the same aggressive banding regime that your friend is having done and after two years of banding and 42 bands applied his have been deemed to be eradicated though he still goes for annual endoscopy check ups.

    I guess a very severe cough could possibly trigger high pressure in the oesophagus so the cause of the cough needs exploring and if it's an infection or such like get it treated. My hubby certainly had a chest infection & cough in his first two years of known cirrhosis but suffered no further bleeds.

    All you and your friend can do is get the cough sorted out and then monitor going forward - hubby and I have plenty of discussions about bowel movement colour since that is where his bleed first came to light (blood in stools which like a typical man he ignored) then he had the vomitting of blood some days/weeks later. Any change then go to A&E, as you know don't hang about with this situation.

    Is your friend on propanolol or carvedilol to treat the portal hypertension? My hubby has never had either and thankfully in the 4 years plus since diagnosis he has had no repeat of the bleeding.

    All the best, Katie

  • Hi Katie thank you for your reply,they won't give her any medication for it due to her having asthma and copd,infact they stopped some of the tablets that she was taking due to them causing further risk to bleeding.we are scared of her taking over the counter remedies and the doctor wouldn't give her anything glad your hubby has no further bleeding and hopefully my friend won't thanks again


  • Avoid over the counter stuff for definite. I don't suppose Honey & Lemon as a natural decongestant will work when the cough is COPD and asthma related.

    Four weekly banding regime should be close enough together to pick up on any 'dodgy' looking varices so fingers crossed they will get to them before their is a danger of a bleed BUT if you feel there is a bleed don't hang around.

    Raise the question of the coughing and likely hood of it triggering a bleed with consultant.


  • Thanks again,we don't see the consultant until October but will keep a close eye on her

  • Totally agree with AyrshireK.My partner had two episodes of bleeding,and the second one he had because he stopped taking beta -blocker -propranolol.Now he is on propranolol and so far no more episodes and no banding needed.Beta blockers control the blood pressure in portal vein,and are the best protection for variceal bleeding.The cough definitely needs to be sorted out - if it's an infection it might be dangerous.I think it would be wise to go to GP,he can then contact the consultant.

    All best of luck to your friend.

  • Thank u I wish they would give her tablets for it but they won't but will go back to go for cough thanks again

  • Maybe ask for antibiotics as your friend is high risk for imfection.they may say they may they dont work for virus butshe is perhaps unable to get rid of coughs etc without meds especially with the asthma.yoi may have to be insistant on her behalf as it sounds important to get rid of cough.good luck cazer.

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