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Hi, looking for some more advice.

Can I begin by thanking everyone who replied to my earlier posts. I'm very grateful for your insight and support.

I had a lot of bloods taken and a fibroscan done 3 weeks ago and am due for an ultrasound next week. After that it's an appointment to confirm a diagnosis, whatever that will be. The fibroscan gave a score of 9.1 (which the nurse suggested wasn't ideal but wasn't too bad, as she tried to calm my fears) and I've heard nothing re the bloods, so hoping they're not too bad either. I'd appreciate any thoughts on the fibroscan score though....

Also, does anyone experience constant or recurring headaches and a feeling of being light headed? I've begun to experience these symptoms and wonder if they're attributable to my possible condition or just coincidence.

Many thanks for reading as always.

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