Raw juices can save your life. The trial begins

After purchasing a fantastic book called; Raw juices can save your life and the fact my father has been given no real hope by medical doctors or NHS dietitians. We are on a mission now to try what actually seems logical anyway and get his pancreas, liver and gall bladder back to some sort of working order. 

I will keep posting on here to share our results. 

Wish us luck 🍀 

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  • Look forward to your updates.  Good luck! 😊 Rubyxx 😊

  • Dear Rachel,

    This sounds so interesting - would definitely help us all - please do keep us updated.

    Yours truly,


  •  I juice every other day but I don't know if its being beneficial or not.  I've read a lot about liver health since being diagnosed with AIH and juicing is recommended although I don't think it can cure disease.  I do wish you luck, though and will look out for your updates x

  • There is a great documentary you can source online called Super Juice Me. It is a medically supervised film about a selection of people with various medical conditions who went on a 28 day juice diet to see if it helped them. The results were dramatic.

    Another film called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is worth a look too.


  • I will give this a watch thanks 

  • Don't know if true but I heard once on TV that juicing destroys beneficial vitamins and minerals, better to eat the fruit if possible, just saying a program I watched on TV once hope it works for your dad good luck Ratchel. Annette

  • Hi Anette, certain juicers and pressing devices are designed to ensure all the nutrients remain as long as they are consumed pretty soon after the vegetables and fruits are juiced. Organic is best and whatever is in season as nutrients decrease the longer you keep after it is harvested and avoid frozen for this reason too. I've heard this will be very good for my dad as an addition to his usual healthy diet as his poor digestive system is having trouble absorbing food properly. This way the food has been broken down so he can benefit immediately. I'll be keeping regular updated on here so you can check and see how he gets on if you like. Thanks 

    Rachel x

  • This way, his liver can rest instead of working to create bile to move it, juice goes in and comes right back out. It fuels the liver without the liver having to work. I am totally into juicing since 2011. Smoothies with yogurt are benefical protein. Organic yogurt creates a healthy gut.

  • I really can't wait to get him juicing every day. Thank you so much for all your advice and encouraging words x

  • I also read somewhere that you should consume the juice straight away as vits and minerals will be lost otherwise, as Annette has said.  Don't make a load of juice for the day, its a bother but more beneficial to juice a glass when needed.

  • Yes thats right. I do save some of mine to drink during the day anyway. It still has a powerful ability to move food from the digestive organs and the bowel. We need to not let foods build, we need to pass them so ammonia is not developed from them. There is a strong relationship between undigested food and HE. 

  • I will be doing a few free courses over the next month or two. I have found them really insightful so far. Next week there's one on liver disease. 


    And food as medicine starts 2nd of may. 


  • Looking forward to hearing your results. I have chronic liver disease and have gone vegan and try and eat low sugar and lots of raw veg and fruit. Also have vegatable juice one or twice a day. So far my weight has gone down and I feel so much more healthier. Eggs , meat and dairy are toxic to the body, especially the liver. I cannot wait for my next blood tests as I feel the results will be massively different. 

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