Since I suffered from Brain damage due to oxygen depreciation when I was found at home bleeding profusely due to Varices then placed into a induced coma to aid my survival and the recovery process. I have seemed to become very creative in Art, Model making, and such like.

I have always had a talent of sketching, painting etc but never really got interested enough. Nowadays I have starting pursuing these things. Although when I complete one thing. EG Model making I move on to something else. I have noticed that when I am,say for example washing dishes my brain seems to be saying to me, look you could paint this or make that, or repair this. But with my memory problem I forget then maybe a couple of weeks later, one of those idea's I had pop's back into my head.

Now I am wondering if anybody else has experienced something like this, or could somebody try to explain to me any theories they may have to explain this situation I find myself in.BTW this post has took me about 5 hours to complete, as I kept forgetting what I was writing about!!! I have attached a couple of pictures to help what I am posting about

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  • I have not experienced what you have, so cannot comment; but i would like to say is; keep up with the creativity; you clearly have a talent and well done! Best wishes to you.

  • Thank you

  • it sounds like a good thing Jim, perhaps get a note pad and write things down so you dont forget?

    I dont know much about the brain, but several documentaries I have seen show that people do change in personality and interests after damage. some peoples tastes change in music and food and interests etc.

    I cant remember the guys name I think it was the rower Cracknell, he got hit on the head by a trucks wing mirror when cycling, he recovered, but is now divorced from his wife, the reason was his personality had changed so much and they just didnt gel anymore

  • How fascinating! And you were never really creative before? I'm an artist by trade and also see everything in terms of how to translate it into art, I think it's just how creative types are, but for it to happen like this is amazing, part of your brain was maybe unlocked during the trauma? Hope you're enjoying your new pastimes, arts a lovely thing to be able to do!

  • Thank you all for those words of encouragement. Ralph 2014 I do use a notepad, but even then I sometimes forget to write things down. As for personality changes before my illness I was a hothead not in a nasty way more like very passionate especially about in injustices in life of people who can fight back.

    My main passion is my unconditional love for Liverpool Football Club which was passed on by my Dad ( Who tragically died at 42) and my Grandfather so it's basically my religion. I don't get too upset if they lose now, when before my illness I would dwell on it for days and for really important games months. Also my creativity has turned my living room into a shrine and everybody who has seen it a amazingly impressed.

    I also feel a lot more spiritual now and I genuinely feel this life is a learning curve for our souls and things happen for a reason. Also I don't like people having closed minds and those who think they know best patronising me ESPECIALLY POLITICIANS

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