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Hi all I had earlier also posted that my sister on tamoxifen since 2015 has this time endometrial thickness 9 mm please advise or share

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9 mm is ok. Ask your doc. All that is needed is just to keep a watch, nothing more. Honestly, most doctors don’t look for endometrial thickness unless there is bleeding. And those who do look for it regularly, will keep cut off at 1 cm. It’s not that thickness just goes on increasing. Maybe next time she does sonography, it might have come down. As long as she has no bleeding, one need not worry about 9 mm endometrial thickness


Thank you so much the oncologist said so and she has seen a Gynec who suggested freq USG


Consult a Gynecologist as well and let him/her know you are on Tamoxifen.

Seek opinion from your Oncologist as well.


Thanks she Did see a Gynec who suggested freq USG she attempted EB which showed only few endometrial glands


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