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Breast Cancer Screening

Hello everyone,

Iam Dr Anuja, a public health researcher working on various public health research projects in AIIMS,Bhopal. Just few days back I lost my mother who was just 58 years old. She was suffering from breast cancer. She was diagnosed when the disease was already in stage 4.

As a tribute to her untimely demise I want to write and develop proposal specifically in the domain of early detection and screening of breast cancers in India. If possible I request the forum members to kindly help me with ideas and areas which need special attention further on this. If not my mom I seriously want to do something for saving the lives of lakhs of mothers who are dying just because of late detection of this dreadful disease.

Thanks in advance,

Dr Anuja Lahiri

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my email id is

If anyone in this forum genuinely want to contribute with positive ideas and feedback please write me an email on the aforementioned id.



I am in the US and not familiar with systems there, other than through this site, but I commend you for honoring your mother in this way. Clearly early screening and detection saves lives. In my case my cancer was detected very early and in most parts of the US we don't have to deal with the stigmas attached to breast cancer that women (and men) face in other countries. I hope you get responses from others in India!



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