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Hi Dr Sumeet,

I have read in the newspaper that a company Datar Genetics Ltd does the BRCA test from our saliva and the cost is around Rs 32000/-

I have also heard that there is a satellite centre of Tata at Dadar which does the BRCA test but the cost comes to around Rs 1.5 lakhs.

Is Datar Genetics a reliable company?

I want to do this test though there is no family history of either breast or ovarian cancer.

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At this point, I still need more info to answer your question. I shall get back to you.

As for the satellite centre of Tata, there is no satellite centre at Dadar. The research centre of Tata is located at Kharghar and is a state of an art centre. Tata Memorial Centre has a wonderful genetics counselling facility and they do genetic testing.

To tell you, please do not go for genetic testing yourself.

If you wish to, it is extremely essential that you meet a genetic counsellor, understand the situation, and then go for genetic testing.


Thanks for your reply doctor.


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