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I wanted to introduce myself

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Hi everyone. I found this site while looking for something else. HealthUnlocked has just about everything I need. I joined Brain Health because of my own issue. July 4th, 2017 (my un-independence day) my entire world changed forever. I had just gotten home from my night-shift at the county jail medical department. I was building a treasure chest toy box for my son and wanted to paint it. Yep, worst mistake of my life. Spilled the paint, slipped, fell backwards into my bathroom and the base of my skull landed on the edge of my vanity (it's only 16 inches off the ground). The result was devastating. I have not been able to return to my nursing position. I was diagnosed with coup-contracoup, occipital and frontal lobe brain damage, ripped muscles around the circumference of my neck, damage to my shoulder, executive functioning deficit, mental and physical processing deficit, personality changes, PTSD, anxiety disorder, zero immediate recall ability but my delayed is still intact, so that helps. I have to wear special lenses in my glasses because of strabismus in one eye and nystagmus in the other, I call them my Prism sentence..lol. I am extremely photophobic and noise sensitive. I feel sounds now, yep that one is creepy. Oh, occipital seizures and migraines like nobodies business.

After being denied to be seen by the fifth neurologist I decided I wasn't going to go to the doctor anymore. My short term memory sucks (pardon my french), but my long term is still intact and I decided to nurse myself back. I have gotten to the point where I am back in college (online cuz I don't handle crowds anymore, I used to be a center of attention person, now I don't ever want to leave the house) re-training so that I can get back into the workforce and stay in a field that allows me to help others.

I am studying integrative health and plan to do nothing but holistic alternatives to traditional treatment. Oh, with the help of my sister-in-law I am training my own service dog (that's what she does for a living), his name is Mr. Pants and at 5 months old he is absolutely amazing.

Thanks for letting me share my story and letting me join this community.

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Hi know. I recently had a double kidney infection ,sepsis, pnemonia, flu.i was on dialysis for several days. I was in an induced coma for 5 weeks.

When I finally awoke, I had no memoryof anything! I'll cut to to the chase.when I finally came home, my short term memory was awful, I couldn't remember anything. My comprehension and cognitive skills also were awful. I couldn't process much.

How ever ,it seems to be getting better. My doctor told me it would take sometime but you will get it back, it just takes time. I think what ever drug they had me on is still in my body.

I got out March 25,2018.i was there since Feb. 7.As you said, you don't feel like doing anything, I am experiencing that myself. It seems like I have changed in so many ways. I just don't care about anything Although I should.

The doctors told my family I wouldn't survive so they to do a lot of running ,phone calls, banking, bills. They had to terminate my job. So I have no income.

I used the system to get food stamps and Medicaid. They won't give you cash assistance unless you have children. I applied for SSI but that takes for ever!!

So in closing ,live your life everyday like it's your last!

I was fine the day it happens to me. Now my life will never be the same.

All I do is go to Doctors I lost my spirit to live.

I wish you well.at least your trying to get your life with your good intentions and research.

Keep in touch. BreA