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Do i have an angiogram or not??


Well after 17 montbs and various nhs admin errors shall we say i got to see the neurosurgon about my aneursyms. it seems i have 3 and one behind my eye which they are concerned about. They have decided to monitor and have recommended an angiogram in a years time. The consultant then proceeded to tell me there is a 1 in 200 chance of stroke when having it done. the question is now do i have done or not?? that is my question to you all. Is there anyone who decided not to have it done?? o rcould oyou let me know what your experience was like

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I went through the same worry as you last year after my aneurysm was diagnosed.

From what the doctors said to me at the time, they needed to do it so that they could properly assess the size and shape of the aneurysm, whether it could be treated and how.

So I only went ahead with it once I was pretty clear in my head that I did want it treated if possible. If I had leaned towards the wait and see approach I am not sure I would have.

Based on what you say your doctor may be going for a wait and see approach (If they only want to do it next year) so I guess if I were you I would want to understand why do it then? If wait and see aren’t CT scans or MRIs enough, and if they want to decide whether to treat why wait?

I am not sure if you will see them again before next year but if so, don’t be scared to ask many questions- it is very scary being diagnosed with aneurysms and all the options can seem equally bad so do whatever it takes to be comfortable with the approach you/ the doctors take!

Good luck and let us know how things progress for you!


Ps: I did have the angiography and it went fine (apart from headaches etc for a few days after). It told us that my aneurysm was not the most straightforward but could still be coiled- which I had done a few months ago and all went fine too!

Hi Ripley

I too have multiple aneurysms but decided to wait and monitor with MRI for 4 years because I was too terrified at the thought of any procedure! Finally I decided to have the largest 6mm coiled. They did an angiogram while during the coiling and found it to be a dangerous irregular shape that would have ruptured. Please have this gold star X-ray as it can reveal so much and give a clearer picture. Yes there is a risk but there’s a bigger risk if they don’t do it and something happens.

Good Luck and like the next post here it was safely fixed no after effects and I can live my life now knowing the experts have a clear picture of the others and are happy to monitor.



I've been told i dont need an angiogram bec size and area of my anyeurism is low risk - cavernous internal corotoid artery anyeurism. About 2.5mm. So monitoring only annually.

I'm actually more nervous that they havn't done an angiogram because I'd prefer if the doc had seen it v clearly to assess. MRA and CTs dont give as clear an image.

I had no idea the risk of stroke from just the angiogram. Although I'm sure even if it did happen the doc's would treat it asap so greater chance being ok. 1 in 200 is 99.5% sucess rate. Pretty great statistic.

Hi Ripley

I think the drs/surgeons from your neuro team have to tell you by law the chances of things going wrong. It’s a precaution so u or your family don’t sue them

I had coiling done in 23/1/19 I had 2 Annie’s, one was 3mm the other 5mm and they were close to my right eye.

I’ve been one of the luckier ones and not suffered as badly as others have with post op issues.

I was walking the next day and only in hospital 9 days including surgery day.

Hope this helps!

Fire away if I can help with anything else


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Wow really 9 days. I am having mine done next Tuesday 6.6mm near right optical area and have been told o should be there 3 nights. I feel very lost on this whole issue. Mine was found while checking if my breast cancer had spread to my brain. So it was a shock my oncologist told me then waited for 3 weeks to see consultant for 10 mins then got a letter for pre op and then another with surgery and that’s it.

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I had mine done at the JR in Oxford. And that was the recommendation!

I actually had 10 days over all but one night was in Warwick hospital 7 in the JR and then 2 in Coventry!

There’s lots of help out there and keep talking to people on here too we may be able to help even if it’s just a chat. Where is your op being done?

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At the QE in Birmingham


You’re better off having the Angio than not as if your Annie ruptures you could be in serious danger.


There is a risk with everything n I my angiogram was strange I was sure my arm was floating n it made me head feel funny but it was done n they needed to do it to see how to operated on my anyeursms z

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