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Need Help

Can anyone tell me what an anurysm feela like. For the past month i have had a headache everyday. My head feels tight. I get the pain on the top of my head, sometimes its a migrane sometimes my forhead hurts and my nose is stuffy. Other times it feels like brain freeze. I feel like i have something on the right side of skull. I have been experiencing dizziness, i wake up at night nauseous and sweating, and my vision has been blurrier than usual. I am worried. I have hypothiroidism. But these headaches worry me. I already went to the doc for bloodwork and imaging of the retina. Waiting on results.

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Hi most aneurysms a symptomless unless they are very large that said i suffer severe migraines tinnitus and incredible heat not sure if connected or a symtom of something else. Go and have a chat with your gp xx


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