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Got my period twice previous month and no period this month am i pregnant?

Hey you all so i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on 12 february and he didnt cum inside and i got my period twice that month first on 1 feb till 5 feb and the next in 14 till 19 and i haven't got my period so far and i even did a pregnancy test but that test came negative and i am still not sure whether i am pregnant or not and now i litrally dont know what to do

Please answer

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Hi I would wait another week then take another test as may be too early for a positive result .x

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You mean you have had a period right after you've had unprotected sex. There's a high chance that it could be implantation bleeding actually. How was the intensity of your period that lasted from 14-19? Was it any less in volume or like dried or small amount any difference at all? The BFN however still gives hope that maybe it's not a pregnancy at all. As you know it's also possible that it's really nothing and you just had an early period... but the chance of it is really thin. So like the PP said I'd not risk waiting out and would check. It's been a while since your post so I'll presume you've already checked it by now. I'd say that in case of doubts and if at all there are any symptoms that could suggest pregnancy don't just depend on HPT. It's best to do a blood HCG test. Will look forward to your update!

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