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Arthritis flare

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Arthritis flare

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Sorry to hear you are having an arthritis flare. You may like to join the Arthritis Action group on HealthUnlocked. Do you have osteoporosis as this community discusses that.

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Hi thanks for your reply yes I do have osteoporosis too ,I had infusion of zolodronic acid last year my second one and will not be getting the 3rd it did not help me at all haven't felt well since and had more arthritis pain in knees that ime waiting to get a cortisone injection for the pain but that's not to say it wouldn't help any one else.ime not really good with meds.

Hi Dextersam10, sorry about your arthritis flare. Just to clarify, are you saying you had 2 infusions of Zolendronic acid and a DEXA scan showed no improvement?

I think it's early days yet, I should wait a while longer before you stop the infusions.

I believe you meant to reply to Dextersam10. I'm tagging her so she sees your comment.

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Unfortunately one of the side effects is bone, joint or muscle pain when having the yearly infusion of zoledronic acid. Has any other OP drug been suggested to you to take instead of the yearly infusion?

Hi Dextersam10, arthritis can be caused by foods you eat. Although I don’t suffer from this, I have read many people have reversed their symptoms by going keto/ketovore/carnivore. The one thing they have all said is the certain foods have triggered their flare ups.

I am sure the foods we eat can help, there are some great Doctors on YouTube with good scientific backup, that can be entertaining too. Just put your problem in the search. Good luck.