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Losing weight

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I have no appetite & feel full after a few bites,is this coz Kyphosis folds me over squashing stomach or is it usual from OP?I am on Fentanyl 12mg patches ,have to take a Stemetil to prevent nausea,though feel quite sick today.Have lost 1 1/2 stones in last month,2 stone 5 lbs in 5 months.Anyone else have this/ know how to stop it?Thanks. 🤔

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Hi,The feeling of fullness does come from the changes in shape to the spine which of course then results in everything being squashed down

I have found my weight loss is a result of the fractures.

The body uses much energy whilst the fractures are healing, and as you will know it really does take it out of you when these fractures occur.

I actually continue to eat normally despite the pain and discomfort,I am driven to do this by the fact that I can not afford to lose any more weight and have been told if any more is lost then they will be looking at tube feeding.

With each fracture I have lost weight but my problem is I can not regain what has been lost so my weight is not going back to starting point.

One other thing I feel I should mention as it may be a help to you, is that when I was on the high doses of pain meds I too felt sick and had very little to no appetite.

Perhaps you will regain your appetite and some weight once you are off the patches as it does sound like they are the culprit for taken your appetite away.

Hope this helps you in some way.

I am taking food supplements to try to hold the weight that I am at the moment.

Look for the foods that are laden with calories all of the things normal people try to avoid .!!

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Thanks for that.Tube feeding sounds dreadful,I couldn't bear that,but I’m not that bad yet.Yes,high strength patches made me too nauseous to eat but I’m on lowest one now so not so bad.Good luck getting weight on- I thought sweets would add calories but no! 🤗

If it’s any help I have a friend who has osteoporosis and who is very, very thin. She has annual AA infusions and was having gut problems and found she just couldn’t eat. In the end after a lot of investigations her doctor prescribed protein and carbohydrate drinks and between the two different drinks and the (very) little amount of real food that she could bring herself to eat she has put on some weight and is now eating a bit more food although I wouldn’t say she eats ‘normally’ - she was never someone who I would have said loved food. I say that as someone who does love their food and found it hard to watch her living off drinks.

It’s unfortunate that sweets don’t add weight. Saying that I used the RPS calcium in foods guide and I put on a huge amount of weight that I really don’t want - I suppose I was eating a lot of dairy type foods that I wouldn’t normally have eaten so you could look at that leaflet and see if you can make it work for you..

Thanks,afraid I’m fussy feeder & never ate much anyway,couldn’t manage drinks am allergic to dairy esp. milk but can cope with some cheese.Am trying to force myself to eat,ridic!I was overweight before now under & worried about effects it’s having on my health.What is RPS guide,thought too much calcium as bad as too little?🤗

Ah, you sound like my friend except she has never been overweight. Her drinks aren’t milky - they look like lemonade. They must be pretty easy to drink or I can’t imagine her drinking so many of them.

This is ROS link theros.org.uk/information-a...

Yes, too much calcium is as bad as too little, I don’t like milk and yoghurt so I was a bit worried that I wasn’t getting enough calcium but when I worked it out I was. I tend to top up with odd things from the list that I do like. I just do a little top up every day with 300mg calcium citrate which agrees with me

I have a slight allergy to milk and yogurt but we have plant milks, which are fortified with calcium etc. Oat is our favourite and between the two of us, we get through 8 litres a week for cereals, tea etc. The yogurts are lovely too. You can even get an oat probiotic drink now. If oat isn't to your liking there are plenty of other types and coconut varieties are higher in fat so may help with weight gain.

I've got this problem too - and now eat small meals about 5 times a day. I write up a blog with simple ideas to get nutrition into our stomach - on aftercancers.com/nutrition

Problem is I have nil appetite get full so quickly I can’t manage one meal never mind 5! Your link went nowhere I’m afraid but thanks anyway.If I try to force myself to eat when not hungry it makes me feel sick then I can’t eat atall.

Have you tried Alpro Chocolate Soya drink? Personally I find it the best "chocolate milk" I have tasted without any milk but with the calcium. Sometimes when I am struggling to eat I find it easier to drink. Just another thought of something to try. Good luck x

Thanks Amber,used to have soya but it upsets my guts,had colitis for 18 yrs,now it’s more like IBS,still very sensitive.Am trying to eat more!

Frequent small meals are probably best. Also I think eating in the evening (not right before bed when you lie down) helps with weight gain. I've been very thin for a couple of years and started eating a bowl of cereal in the evening (and also eating a little bit more when I remember at snacktime during the day) and have been gaining about 1 lb a month, which seems a good rate. Started the evening "meal" when I remembered that years ago when I wanted to lose weight I did it mostly by giving up the bedtime snack I'd started long ago when breastfeeding.

Thanks Heron,I’m trying to eat more,honest!Just I have no appetite & get so full so quick,but wt loss is slowing down a bit now. 🤗

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