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Which of the following drugs are you familiar with for the treatment of advanced HCC because a doctor informed you?

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Please select all that apply:

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My husband has advanced HCC. I am familiar with all you listed due to my own research but voted only for the ones MD's have brought up...hope that helps!

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Thank you!! That is exactly what I wanted. We are having a very important meeting on Sunday with our corporate council members. I don't think they realize that information about advanced treatment options is not filtering down to the community oncologists. I find when patients/caregivers know about the latest drugs, it is usually because they did their own research. We need to fix this issue. :)


Dave's doctor hasn't given specific drug names, just "If the current treatment stops working, we have other options." He's taken Nexavar and Stivarga; Opdivo was mentioned because he can't take it (he had a bone marrow transplant in the past, so immunotherapy is off the table; we had a discussion with the doctor about it).


I had Nexavar and Opdivo. I voted for Opdivo because it worked and minimal side effects. Opdivo saved my life.