CBD oil

Hi I have been doing a lot of reading about cbd oil derived from the marijuana plant that it helps with high blood pressure has anyone tried this ?

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  • I have been using it for some time for Restless Leg Syndrome. i have high blood pressure but not sure if it helps with this as I take other medication. I may stop my medication and see if it helps.x

  • do you know if it helps with sleep probs. iv been tempted to buy this a few times but have not yet as its so expensive. does it help with your restless legs. thanks

  • It helps a little. It could help with sleep. It's relaxing.x

  • Haven't heard of that, but I have heard beet juice and hibiscus tea are supposed to help. I used hibiscus tea for some time, but eventually my bp still went up, so it didn't work for me , but not sure that I drank enough of it though.

  • i have been trying the cbd oil and it has been working but only until it wares off but I'm going to keep going with it