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It was too good to be true, we thought dad was making great progress, we even got him out of the house the other weekend for an hour, but yesterday my mum found him collapsed on the bathroom floor, she phoned for an ambulance and after 10 minutes she had to call them again as they told her to hang up and someone would call her back, no one did, so she rang again and had to go through the same conversation that she already had the first time, which is stressful enough, by this time the family doctor arrived as mum had phoned them in the morning as she was worried about my dad, eventually the ambulance arrived, 40 minutes after the first phone call!

My dads stats had dropped to 82 which is why legs gave way but he also has a chest infection which doesn't seem to be clearing up despite being on antibiotics again!

So he is back where he doesn't want to be and god knows what infection he will pickup in hospital this time! My mum got a letter from his consultant last week listing his ailments and treatment from when he was in last time, you can imagine our horror when it was listed he had an ecoli infection while in hospital last one told us this! But we were aware that there had been an outbreak in the hospital but not where!

We wrote a letter of complaint to the hospital director re the treatment, the hygiene care and the lack of knowledge of the staff caring for my dad which is being investigated at the moment, and also the fact that they moved an 83 year old man on oxygen 24/7 at 2am in the freezing cold with only his pjs on to another hospital as they needed his bed, this same man that they had only given weeks left to live!

So now we wait and see what happens this time. I cannot go through to Sheffield ( I live in Chester) as I have a chest infection at the moment which doesn't seem to be clearing up, my poor mum has to get 2 buses to the hospital and she's 80 and not so good herself!

Worrying times again!

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  • Oh lovely, big ((hugs)) x

  • Feel for you Debs - my husband had PF, probably won't see next christmas, but I am fortunate in that I manage to keep him at home when he has infections - I'm a bit younger than your Mum, which helps. We don't want him in hopsital if we can help it, there's not really any treatment as such which can't be done at home. Chin up, good luck !


  • Sorry - should read HAS PF - also congestive heart disease and diabetes.

  • Your poor Dad and Mum and you Deb! what a disgrace, I can't get over how bad it truly is. In some ways I wished I had insisted that my Dad was able to go home when he was ill but he ended up never coming home again and he was only 70, the same happened to my Mum and she was 70 as well, If I had the chance again, I think people are better off at home in their own beds! I have a phobia about hospitals I'm afraid, Debs! I will say a prayer for you and your family and I hope your Dad can get better quickly, please let us know how it goes, Carol x

  • Gidge last time an ambulance was called for I arrived in time to NOT let him be taken back in to hospital as there is nothing else they can do for him that can't be done at home, but his care package only lasts for 2 weeks so he wasn't being monitored any more at home, which in my opinion is wrong! Someone should be checking his stats if not daily then at least every other day! He was only given weeks left to live in February but he has a good strong heart and he has lasted longer than the doctors said he would!

  • Deb

    I have no idea what to say other than I am so sorry. Unfortunately with families so spread out these day it is a worry when someone is ill. I hope your infection is sorted soon, and your Mum can find someone to help her get to see your dad and most importantly I hope they can help your dad properly.



  • so sorry to hear that deb xxxx

  • Just spoken with my mum and my dad has been put in an orthopaedic ward and not a lung ward! But he is doing well so fingers crossed, now off to the docs for some antibiotics for me!

  • Deb, really sorry about your parents - I am wondering if your Dad might not be better off on the orthopaedic ward with younger people around, and hopefully less infection. When I was admitted to hospital, I was surrounded by ladies who didn't know where they were. One even tried to walk off with my drip stand. Thinking yourself and your Mum too. Best wishes from Annie80x

  • Big hug to you Deb,so sorry tohear what you are all going through,your poor Mum,how does she manage?? Glad he has a bed in another ward,as Annie said,less chance of infections.

    Do let us know,how you all go.

    Love Wendells xxxx

  • I am so sorry your dad and mum have to contend with shoddy hospital care and I have asked all my Guardian Angels to look over them and help them through. Look after yourself and get well too. X

  • This is what I love about this site, all the support that you give, thank you, I now have my antibiotics so hopefully get rid of this infection and get over to Sheffield ASAP!

    Will keep you all posted :-)

  • All my thoughts and good wishes to you and your mum and dad. Hope he rallies and will be home soon. Just remember you take care and make sure you look after yourself as well as everyone else.

    Hugs x

  • Hope your Dad gets better care this time Deb, orthopaedic wards tend to have a lower infection rate because of the risk to wounds, would you be able to find out if the hospital have a charity service that helps with transport, for your mum, I,ve heard some hospitals have them?

    Get well soon

    Karen xxx

  • Silly witch, we asked about this last time my dad was in but there is nothing. My dad had a hospital appointment 2 weeks ago and they sent an ambulance type bus for him as he needed to be hooked up with the oxygen, my mum was not allowed to travel with him, even though the ambulance was empty! My brother had to take an afternoon off of work to go and pick my mum up and take her there! It's crazy, if he had Alzheimer's or was blind she could travel with him! Even the ambulance driver was apologetic!

  • Is your Dad hard of hearing Deb, finding it difficult to hear the consutant - that would be another reason why he would need an escort.

    Wishing your Dad a speedy recovery.

    love cx

  • Cofdrop - no, at the Sheffield NHS, hard of hearing doesn't count! Only blindness and Alzheimer's !

    The people you speak to sympathise, it's not their doing and they have to adhere to the rules! This is the sad, crazy world we live in now. All rules and regulations! ( health & safety) common sense is not allowed !

  • Oh Deb how awful for you, your poor mum and of course your dear dad. I do hope that things improve but what a terrible state of affairs to be in. You are so right about this crazy world we live in and I sometimes think that in some hospitals we are a 3rd world country. Dreadful! xxx

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