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Dog Fight! Merv the Swerve v Tess and Bron

Hi all, I recently witnessed a dog fight where luckily no blood flowed but there was plenty of nashing teeth and intent.

I was getting my pulmonary exercise walking across the lower slopes of the Malverns with my Dad and his two sheep dogs Tess and Bron. Thier reputation goes before them so any other dog walkers in the area steer clear and Dad likewise. He has walked these slopes for 50 years or more so he has earned the right to take priority over other newcomers out with thier dogs in the area.

Tess had run off to her favorite rabbit bury which left Dad Me and Bron. The silence of the country was suddenly broken by a very shrill voice of a lady screaming at her young Labrador which for some insane reason was running towards us exitedly, unaware that the only greeting he would get was a set of knashing teeth sinking into his flesh. My Dad who is 80 now but still very fit took hold of Bron and I stepped back being a cowardly sort who did'nt want to end his days bleeding to death because I take Warfarin.

The two dogs met and weighed each other up, The young Lab, who I now know by the name of Merve the Swerve was bouncing all around Bron and Dad and soon my Dad had to let go.

Bron went for the kill as expected but Merve, Swerved and Bron quickly snapped again but fresh air was all she tasted. There was very little an 80 year old and a disabled fool could do but watch and hope. It seemed that Merve the Swerve was just too quick for Bron but then running across the field came renforcements, Tess was entering the ring now and I really feared for the young lab as two sets of snapping jaws would surely be too much to swerve but to our amaizement Merve the Swerve just played with these two formidable, experienced fighters and after lots of knashing from all angles, Tess and Bron gave in to this lightningly quick youngster.

Whew, no blood or expensive vets bills, just a good story to tell where the underDOG came out on top, his owner turned out to be very pleasant too once she could see her enthusiastic pet was in no danger.

Tess and Bron had finally met thier match, beaten in the ring by a new young star called Merve who still to this day probably dos'nt even realise the danger he was in. It was all just a game to him.

Its a shame more humans don't have his sense of fun and play.

Tony :) . I did mention pulmonary exercise in there somewhere so its sort of qualify's for a blog on the BLF webb site, I hope, don't want to annoy anyone.

Get your exercise in the country, you don't know what your missing.

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I don't think they do that type of exercise at Pulmonary Rehabilitation.I can't see us all climbing the Malverns with a physio in tow,trying to control all us old dogs and bitches!!!!!!!



Dont worry King, I will be exercising down my local breathe easy tomorrow morning

and just looking out of the window at the Malverns.

Maybe I should suggest a race to the top for a laugh. I'm just the puppy of the class but most of them would leave me standing, just shows how good PR and breathe easy is for the old un's eh'. Ha HA.

Young Tony :)


Merve the swerve and your dad's 2 Tess and Bron ought to meet my 1 year old black lab, Isis. Agile as a snake, can bend round herself, fast as a greyhound, has beaten an ex racer in the local fields and does not believe anything would ever bite her That's because like her mum does not have a brain anywhere in her body, hence the nickname spec (special needs)..


Sounds like Merve and Isis would be a match made in heaven.

Look after yourself AS.



That was a dog "fight" with a difference, thanks for breathing life into that story..... :)


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