Not about lungs just little light reading

It's a cold clear still night, and i can't sleep. I can hear the the bows of the tree out side straining under the weight of newly fallen snow. Then i hear it slow methodical footsteps and clanking drawing ever closer. I try to ignore it and cuddle deep into the duvet where it's warm cosy and safe, but i can still hear the crunch of those footsteps getting even nearer, then the squeal of the garden gate as it open sends shivers down my spine, scrunch, scrunch, chink scrunch, as the sound now echoes in my head. Then BANG!! as the back goes flying open and the sound of smashing glass makes my heart jump from my chest, then i realise, thank god for that it's Monday, the milkman's tripped over the damn cat again. :P.

hope you liked it ;)

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  • LOL you had me going, thinking there was more snow coming in.....:o

    Nice one! :)

  • Lol ;) i take you can't sleep either?

  • I've had problems sleeping for a while now. You kind of get used to it. What about you?

  • Yep same here doc tried sleeping pills, made it even worse, some sort of reaction with other meds, didn,t sleep for for over s week ended up in hospital. I crawling up the walls. Till they figured out what was wrong. So now like you i just keep going till i eventually drop off or a couple of hours

  • Sleeping tablets were useless. I was lucky if I got a full hour sleep. Then I'd be awake but feeling awful. One thing I can tell you, is that relaxation tapes didn't do it for me. The sound of that whale "music" put my nerves on edge. Not quite the desired effect.

  • Yeh i can imagine, wouldn't fancy trying to sleep with a whale in my lughole either lol

  • I suppose coming out of work twelve month ago doesn't help, my brains still go into work mode and the rest of me,s saying its had enough, shortness of breath and wheezing gets worse at night as well. I should be used to that by now i,d have thought after nine years of it, well se if the sandmans ready ready for me yet. :)

  • Hope you manage to nod off :)

  • Probably wont ,keep chatting if you want,

  • I can empathize with your breathlessness, but unlike you, I've never had a wheeze.

  • The wheeze is odd though different from during the day when its just constant, ar night. It echoes the rhythm of mr heart. Just like the rest of me nowt works how and when it should,

    had to laugh in the docs though on Friday, he had a student in with him, he asked her to take my blood pressure, as usual it high 176/ 95, when she commented on he replied its ik we only worry when howards is normal, that's when something's gone wrong.

  • Oh, boy, it's just as well your sense of humour works. I hurt my back, and the doctor told me it was a mechanical problem. I asked him if he could recommend a garage.... the blank expression on his face made it clear he'd had a sense of humour by-pass.

  • Lmao should have asked for bag bag of. Spanners on prescription lol :D

  • Up until the end of last summer I worked as a waitress. Once upon a time I used to be known as the pocket rocket, because of the way I'd rush around serving customers. Those same customers would be hard pushed calling me that now. Well, anyhow, one day a gentleman called me over to the table, and pointing to the menu item - Sea Bass - asked me what kind of fish that was that - without thinking, I told him it was a dead one. Don't think he was too chuffed at my response. He never tipped. :(

  • You don't half meet some nuggets in catering, once sent a commis to to the main stores for a bucket of blue steam and he did, came back with a note from the purser saying git no blue will pink do so i dent him back again saying no but yellow will do if you got any, it must have taken him a good jour before he cottoned on por lad :D

  • That's classic!

  • Then there's the glass hammer and rubber rivers, that one was my dads favourite. He was a silk spinner, and he must have had every apprentice go for them at dome poi t or other.

  • My hubby was a painter - he'd send new apprentices for tartan paint.

  • Oh not the long stand then ;( lol

  • No, if it wasn't the tartan paint, it was the left handed paint brush or a pail of dry water

  • That's where you get your sense of humour from, you obviously read grandad, wait till i get to uncle john the man sense of humour new no bounds. He,s the only person I've ever know that could OD on O2 in the damn hospital and still ask me to out five bob on a three legged donkey, in the 2.30 at aintree, the day

  • sorry, missed this one - never read grandad .... tell all about uncle john

  • I can appreciate that, you sometimes don't stop to think, I've done many times ny self, one instance was in the bay of Biscay on board the southern cross. We,d sailed through school of flying fish of course it went on the menu that night. One passenger asked my if it was fresh, i answered i think its the one that hit you in he face earlier sir which had actually happened,

  • LMAO.... We had a big sign up stating opening and closing times. Pointing to the sign - Open 9am Closed 9pm - a guy asked "do you close at 9 o'clock?". Now, he hadn't been the only one that day to ask that question. Usually I'd respond "Yes, sir", however, I was tired, we'd been run off our feet all day, so I replied "only when there's a "y" in the day". And I didn't need to be a lip read to realise he was going through the days in the week to find out which day we didn't close at 9pm.... Sadly for me, my boss was standing directly behind me. Oops.

  • Sods law that, got sack once while working on leave,called the head at the sportsman's Tottenham court road. London a stupid jumped up microwave jockey and he heard me

  • Double oops! :)

    What really used to get me was the amount of veggies who'd ask if the chips were fried in the same oil as the fish, because they couldn't possibly eat it if it had been anywhere near dead flesh. Why go to a fish restaurant if you don't eat fish?

  • You've seen me mention the gf in here, she not the girlfriend in those terms just a good mate do cos it winds her up, any way she insists she a veggy but luv chicken, cant eat home made chips but goes to the chippy. Der am i missing something here ! Lol

  • LOL. I know there is a special name for veggies who eat fish, but for the life of me, I doubt if even Google has an name for a veggie who eats chicken. I think it's called carnivore myself.

    So I googled veggie who eats chicken - well I'll be found one;

  • Go on wot they called, need a brew gone all dry chattin lol

  • Pollo-Vegetarian - they don't eat red meat.

    And here was me thinking veggies didn't eat anything with a face, just goes to show you, google knows everything.

  • Her her her :P new nick name on the horizon me thinks, can i be that cruel, well we,ll see next time a thick ears looming

  • Well, I've just made myself some premature chicken, scrambled, and toast, and I'm enjoying every mouthful - well, what else is there to do at quarter to four in the morning?

  • Erm! That's wot you call a leading question :) Ooops there i go again sorry its just me :D

  • Ever get the feeling its gonna be one of them days cis when the rest read this little lot me thinks we could get some stick lol

  • Some! I'll be surprised if we're not banned!

  • Well if we are its been worth it, I've loved every moment,

  • Me too! I've enjoyed the company.

  • LOL. My pal told me after I phoned her, I could get a job making heavy breathing phone calls.... that's about all I can do :)

  • Lol will tell all about john, but not just now , take to long,

    where you from, ? The way you speak / say something's has got me wondering

  • Where do you think?

  • That's why i m asking, you sound northern in something's then totally different in others if i could her your voice i,d know, get the feeling i,m way out, but you like the. Country side,

  • I'm a weegie by birth, but I live in turnip town now.

  • btw you "sound" northern too, but the English northern.... :)

  • Ere so does that make me wurzel gummich lol

  • only if he came from the north of England.

  • Not that I've anything against English northerners, after all I did marry one...;)

  • Does that make a difference

  • Woah slow down im on a window phone they ain't that fast at this

  • windows 8 by any chance?

  • Yep its all over the place, when doing this,

  • Microsoft lied when they told us that operating system was multi-platformed. Tried it out on the desktop and was ready from throwing it throw a window. Then I had a reality check, and realised I'd be out of puff just picking it up never mind throwing it...

  • I,ll gladly do it for you, its a load of junk, oh sod this you don't look 50's in the photo and i,m guessing over the border

  • LOL. over the border of 50 and England too

  • Do you get called hinny

  • No. Hen occasionally, but never hinny

  • Geordie perhaps hope so dad was from ill let you guess that one

  • I've a pal from Bradford who uses that term - hinny. I've always thought of a hinny as a donkey.

  • Lok Scotts use it as well any way Newcastle or not woman :)

  • Nae lad.... I've left you a message. Look in your in box

  • Someone once asked me where I hailed from, and I told them God's country. Having heard my accent, and with him coming from Edinburgh, he retorted, "don't you mean God's forsaken country".... even I had to laugh at that! :)

  • Aye lass a will and have

  • Only in how you walk.... ;)

  • You been listening to genesis lol

  • Haven't heard them in a while - that's certainly a blast from the past

  • You like ? It msfrom the track i know wit i like

  • Yeah, so it was.... the old memory ain't what it used to be!

  • I'm getting confused. Now it might be my age, but I'm thinking it's more to do with how we're responding to our questions. So, no one else is going to be able to read this AND make any sense of it all. :)

  • Oh that's it is it,well i,ll go t'botton o our sters ard nver a gest ib a month a sundis

  • What? You mean you couldn't tell? I thought it was so obvious. Perhaps it was the spelling that threw you.

  • These accents can be dashed tricky to make out over the sound of the keyboards

  • Told i was thick

  • That'll be the gf clouting you all those times - I'm surprised you've not got cauliflower ears by now

  • Sorry windows crashed got message yes about 35 mls for both

  • Then, I'll have been in your neck of the woods at some time in my life.

  • I,ve been in yours a few times, neck of the woods that is, delivering beer from micro breweries all over yours and drunk some as well

  • Did you work in the brewing industry too?

  • No help a our when i was home, kept me busy, and reasonably sober :D

  • LOL.

  • Hello you still out there ?

  • Sorry had to get a refill, all this chatting has left my throat dry.

  • Gonna get one my self, parched lol

  • Jees even the kettles gone on a go slow ms must have been at it lol

  • Hello got a couple of hours, had the dreaded meeting, as usual nowt but moans, the pool tables to noisy and they want bingo on weds as well as Monday and Friday after two hours of i don't like this and i don't like that someone got sensible, brewed up got the bikkies out and put the radio on. Then went home :D so me Brian are having pool night tonight, just for the hell off it. :P. OXO

  • Never known a meeting where there weren't any moans. Enjoy your game of pool tonight :D

  • Thought you might be catching some xzzz's

  • Ere just true to message you and it wont let me any ideas?

  • I've been able to get into messages, no problem. Must be something at your end.

  • Have you tried refreshing the page? Sometimes that can help.

    Catch ya later. Got shopping to do. x xx

  • Oh, I managed to get a couple of hours, before the dog demanded attention.

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