Quick update on yesterday's hassles

Hi all,

Thanks for all the kind words,it's good to know we have shoulders to lean on.

Anyway,back from GPs who to be honest to him was livid about yesterday's problems and the fact this appointment was cancelled.to be honest we did have a bit of a laugh about it in the end.especially when I told him the wife was more annoyed than me about it all.( come on ladies,you can all rant and get things sorted better than us fellas ) anyway,she has cleaned the house from top to bottom today getting rid of her anger,while she has allowed me to put feet up and relax for the day...., not all bad then !!!!! :) :)

Thanks all

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Happiness all around then ! :)

Still a pity you had to have the poor experience in the first place!

Pleased you have had a better day

Glad you can now smile about it. x

Good to hear happy endings!! xx

Good to hear happy endings!! xx

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