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I'm worried!!.... I had part of my left lung taken away due to growths in the upper lobe restricting the lower lobe air flow and collapsing

I was told that the prognosis was non malignant growths and the collapse lead to Brochiectasis... Now my Consultant has heard 'crackling' in the right lung, tests to resume soon. Post Op pain is unbearable and suffer with countless infections!! What am I to expect in the long term with this condition??... bearing in mind this has all happened within a year and a half.

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I have had bronchiectasis but I dont feel qualified to answer this question. I do get frequent infections. I feel sure that someone will be around to give you better help. You could ring the BLF nurse - 030000030555 in the morning. Best wishes from Annie80x


Thank you Annie... I will try the number you have gave me and see what advice I can get. Best wishes to you to and thanks again, Darryl x


Annie, you've put an extra "0" in the number, it's 03000 030 555. Hope you don't mind me pointing it out! Libbyx


Thank you Libby x


Hi Darryl

I am so sorry that you are having such problems.

I had one lobe of my right lung (cancerous) removed in 2009 and wedge sections of my left lung (benign) removed in 2011. I cannot think it is right that you have unbearable pain following your operation. After my operations, I was given morphine for a few days and then less serious painkillers afterwards. I had hardly any pain and what I did have was quite bearable.

I'm with Annie, in that you should ring the BLF Nurse. So many people on this site have said that they had lots of help and advice by ringing.

I do hope that you have an improvement in your health soon and that you are able to be pain free (as you should be).

Kind regards and good health



Hello Anne,

Sorry to hear that you have been through such a trial in the past few years pet and hope things have settled to some degree.

Regarding my pain.... I am taking quite a few tables at present, backed up by Morphine patches, carry oramorph and am tying out a TENS machine!!!

I was told that post opp thoracotomy can leave you with varying degrees of pain and the lengths of time in which it lasts can vary also.... unfortunately I have been left with a LOT of pain which had been exacerbated by poor pain management at my local Hospital. I moved to another hospital recently and they seem to be so much more attuned to listen to the patient and planning pain management has been put into action .... hope for me on that front then... Hip! Hip!.... Lol

Thank you for your kind words and I wish you well

Darryl x


Hi Darryl

Really sorry to hear you are having a rough time.

I had a lobectomy in 1963 - things were very different then and so I can't really comment on the amount of pain you are getting, except to say I hope they get this sorted out for you soon.

If I understand correctly you are concerned, naturally, about how the bronchiectasis will effect you and what lies ahead. It will take some effort from yourself and your medical team to keep on top of things, but if it helps to know I have had bronchiectasis for 64 years from the age of 5 months old.

Not sure if your consultant is still on the surgical side or not. If brociectasis is confirmed you really need to be under a respiratory consultant who has a special interest in cystic fibrosis/bronchiectasis.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is mucus clearance - your cons should refer you to a respiratory physio if they have not done so already. Pysio will teach you various methods and gadgets and you can then decide which method you prefer which works well for you. It has to be done every day to stop the gunk from pooling in your lungs and getting infected. On the one hand it's a pain to do, but on the other hand it gives you some control over your own health.

You should also be given a medicaton regime. Most bronchiectatics have a supply of antibiotics at home and it is also a good idea, if possible, to get a sample down to gps before you commence with your abs. One reason is if the bugs in your lungs are not sensitive to the abs you are taking, by then your gp should have the results back and can then give you an antibiotic which the bugs are sensitive to. Also it gives a pattern to you, your gp and your consultant what bugs like to take a holiday in your lungs.

A lot to take in and not easy if you are in pain, but you will soon get used to managing your bronchiectasis.

Good luck Darryl

Love C x


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