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This BLF site is a great one with some wonderful people visiting it. But, I pondered a few days ago, do we cross infect each other? Do we read about different symptoms and think, “Oh yeh, I’ve got that as well. What bought about this train of thought was a visit to the GP. In the waiting room a chap sat scratching. Before long most people in there were having a scratch. What do you think? Do we subconciously pick up symptoms from each other on here?

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I hope not or you will all have your hair full of spiders lol


Happiness is infectious read KOTC blog a lot of people catch a laugh or smile coming onto that one:-)


I think you're right. I also think to a degree ignorance is bliss. When I was first diagnosed, I have IPF, I was warned it was best not to Google it as it wouldn't help and make me feel worse looking for things that weren't there. So I didn't. My family and friends unfortunately did and it upset them greatly.

I also think it's a mistake to keep checking lung test results as if they're not as good as hoped it just makes you feel worse than you did before you looked. In my experience anything out of the ordinary the doctor/consultant will tell you.

I know a great many on this forum will disagree with me but it works for me and I will carry on in my own little world.

Stay safe and be well.


Most definatly i was a very sane person, and could spell,,,, then i joined this site,,,hahahhaahhahaa,,,, whoop whoop yeeee haaaaa ..... :)


I reckon I catch things from this site, I agree with baldie ignorance is bliss.

Lib x


I dont think I pick up anything. What I do pick up, is understanding of other people's problems.

Trying to offer help and friendship is what i pick up -- love Annie80x


I agree Annie. I have come to a much better understanding of other's lung conditions through this site. I haven't caught anything yet though!


Can I just say, if it had not been for this website I would not know anything of real value about my condition (emphysema) or the moves I should be making to help make sense of, and live with, my condition.

I was diagnosed by my (very good) GP and then left to my own devices. Like you, my family went on the internet and my husband was devastated and thought the cat would definitely outlive me! It was only through my good fortune in making contact with BLF and then the website that I am currently awaiting a place on a PR course (which my GP had very little idea about) and have had an assessment with a respiratory nurse. My GP says I have educated her - well, thanks to members of this site - because you very kindly educated me. I am so grateful I happened upon you and if I pick up some symptoms along the way ... so be it, it's been worth it!


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