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Healthy outlook

I came across this site: metoffice.gov.uk/health/you...

while browsing around the internet. I wondered whether anyone here had taken advantage of the "Healthy outlook" service which the Met Office seems to be offering.

I found the site very informative. Any other experiences? I'm always "in the market" for anything helpful.

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Thanks WJ, There's some good information on this site , well spotted.

Tony. :)


Jo (BLF) mentioend this a while ago - blf.healthunlocked.com/blog...


Follow up

From what you've said or pointed me to it looks as though it's necessary to get your local Primary Care Trust (or whatever the new look privatised NHS [sorry - political :-) ]equivalent is) to sign up with the Met Office. Does anyone have experience of this? How do I approach my local Trust to get them to do this? It looks good to me and anything is welcome.

Maybe the Met Office will tell me when to stay in bed or when I'll be able to take the dog out. :-)


Lol - unfortunately they don't tell you anything like that!

I'm on the service, which is an automated voice telling me that my copd might be worse for the next two weeks due to the weather and to refer to my blue pack. It asks if my symptoms have got worse recently and if I have sufficient medication then tells me to contact my doctor if necessary.

I have thought of cancelling the service as it doesn't really serve any useful purpose for me personally and you have to wait for it to go through the same long winded "spiel" every time then it doesn't always recognise the answer you give.

I have found myself literally screaming down the phone more than once - I suppose that could be considered a form of lung exercise though! (chuckle)



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