Should we be limited to writing about lung conditions only on this forum?

I noticed that a few members on this forum have stated that blogs and questions should be limited to lung conditions only.

I, personally, really appreciate the advice and comfort given when we need it in respect of our medical problems.

However, I love reading about everyone's opinions on all sorts of subjects.

Surely, the forum is big enough so that we can discuss all sorts of things.

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  • I am inclined to agree with you Pepsicoley. I think our health is affected by a multitude of subjects, from Benefits, politics and society we live in including how we live our lives. So I personally think we should discuss not just the seriousness of our illness but other subjects that come into the equation as well. Very nicely put Pepsicoley.


  • I agree Pepsi but I always avoid any contentious issues to stop possible arguments!

    Bev x

  • Was just going to say the same thing Bev. I think politics and religion have to be a definite no. But I love the banter we have from to time. One of the fun blogs a couple of days ago that was great fun and had loads of posts on it, someone, can't remember who and wouldn't name them anyway, said at the end words to the effect they were glad it was over so we could get back to the point of the forum, support for people with lung disease! I pointed out that for some of us having a bit fun on here is support and the only contact with the outside world that we had actually had that day, or even longer. And, it's very strange, I can't find that actual comment anywhere now, they must have deleted it. Sometimes I feel that lung disease is the sum total of my life and I'm all for any deviation from it. Bring it on! Libby

  • I agree with you libby7827 and Bev too. Sometimes disease can be overwhelming and a bit of light hearted relief is a blessing. I find that Pete's illness can be all consuming so I like to come on here and see what is being talked about so long as nobody is causing upset or harm to anyone else. Difference of opinion is a good thing and the banter is great. xxxx

  • Have to agree, reading and writing about other subjects does help, it can take your mind off the seriousness of the condition we all suffer from. Now on a lighter note don,t laugh to hard at the funnies it,s not advisable lol, i did the other night, had a massive coughing fit, my lungs went on strike and my swinging brick ( heart ) walked out in sympathy, i was still curled up in sheer agony from laughing when the paramedics turned up. 15ml of morphine and 15 mins on entanox in the ambulance on the way to A&E just made the giggles worse, i felt sorry for the nursing staff because i was in no fit state to explain what happened, sorry should explain my friend rang 999, she though i was gonner, she,d never seen it happen that bad before. Bless her. So i think the moral is, have a good giggle but be prepared for the backlash, lmao, again look out Chorley, book me a bed on MAU, and tell Daz cuppa tea & butty pls. :D

  • That must have been very scary, well, for your friend anyway! I've got too breathless laughing on occasion too but not that bad! And talking, sometimes I run out of breath and the words just sort of fade away to a full stop and that makes me laugh, though no sound comes out! Take care in future, too much fun is not good for you!

  • I agree .... a think a poped few of my nudals .. Not pot one's my lung one's had a rush of Co2 not quite effect a was after :O

    All the best :)

  • OMG Azaard!!!!!

    I hope that you are OK now. Your poor friend - I think that watching someone in pain and struggling for breath is worse than suffering it yourself. You sound as though you are hazardous material to your friends (lol).

    I admire your spirit - you manage to make what hapened sound funny.



  • Oh lord azaad, I hope it wasn't anything I put up!!!! hope you on mend now, thank goodness you had someone with you. Take care karen xx

  • The answer is simple.

    We all have different needs, at different times.

    Most forums have a number of categories, this one has two.

    Create more categories so people can choose what they wish to read at any particular moment.

    On here everything is completely jumbled up, one heart rending post is along side a joke thread or someone just needing to chat or let off steam about a particular personal issue

    We need them all, but not so mixed up that non get the deserved attention. If someone posted here a couple of days ago, its off the page in no time.

    With more categories and the ability to look at back pages, life would be so much easier.

  • I think that is a very good idea, perhaps another catergory alongside blogs and questions for anything unrelated to lung conditions. Just incase you didn't realise though, you can go back and look at previous posts, just click on the heading at the top, blogs or questions and at the bottom you will see all the pages to click on.

  • I think this is a brilliant idea toonamp. Could BLF/Healthunlocked possibly look into this one please?

    I personally joined this forum because I wanted to find out more about other people's experience of lung diseases, medications & what has helped improve their medical condition and I now try to pass on my experiences to others with the hope that it may help them.

    I use Facebook & Twitter as general chat rooms.

    I appreciate however that some people may not want to join Facebook & Twitter so an additional "General chat" tab may well be an acceptable solution for everyone.

  • I agree ... And nothing worng with having chats about all or nothing ... Its just when it gets personal there are issue's

  • There are changes to the site in the pipeline, not sure what they are but Gordon57 knows, the font of all forum knowledge. Libby

  • For my twopennyworth, I am a firm believer that at least this blog should be reserved for purely medical matters (with the occasional rant, of course), but to broaden its scope will be to lose a valuable resource of both interest and advice. Any move to encompass non-medical matters in this particulr blog should therefore be avoided. A separate blog should be created for "All Other" things.

  • Am a bit perplexd are you talking about this post or BLF site as this post was posted on questions bit of site ..... Only messing with you martin1945 :)

    All the best agree with odd rant .... Or should a say clearing our chest as its BLF site :)

  • I agree with what hypercat says that it's best to avoid things where it may develop into a full blown argument. Also with toonamp that, unlike a lot of forums, there are no separate categories so it's all jumbled into one. A joke category, for instance, would let everyone know it's full of jokes and not to be taken seriously.

  • How about calling a new blog section AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETLY DIFFERENT :D so long as when lungs are a bit delicate we either have paramedics standing by or keep away until our "normal" is resumed, we need to be able to lighten our load especally in the winter & don't see a damned soul for days at a time & "laughter is the best medicine" but like all meds needs to be taken carefully. I always check the blogs to see if someone is in need of support, even when i,ve put a "funny" up I,m back & too to the main page just to make sure no one is loosing out on the support they,ve come for. sorry for going on a bit :(

  • This has been discussed before at some length. I too don't think it should be limited to medical taters as many see this site as a social release too.

    The Idea of different threads is good and then those who only want the medical aspects can limit themselves to that.

    Like Bev, I tend to avoid the contentious subjects.

    Lynne xx

  • I know you planted your taters, but never heard of medical ones lol!

    Carole x

  • This ruddy iPad! Should have said matters.

    Lynne xx

  • Agree with Pepsi! Keep the diversity coming! M

  • I think it should be a 'lung' site first and foremost. That is not to say that there is no room for anything else, but there are times, particularly at weekends, when the whole of the 'blog' side of the screen is taken up with everything but lung issues! I know mine may not be the popular view, but I prefer to say what I truly think.

  • PS. ..or perhaps something like this..

  • The asthma style of forum looks good

  • Is it possible, as suggested further up, to have separate parts of the site for different topics? On the U.S. EFFORTS (Emphysema Fight For Our Right To Survive) has as far as i remember categories for: Medical, Jokes, Exercise, Newcomers, StopSmoking.

    Im still lucky enough to be living my life out in the community. My main interest here is medical, both learning and supporting with info if i can. But for others, especially maybe those who are housebound, people's stories, jokes etc seem vital. Although this is not my main interest here I would hate for those who enjoy them to be deprived.

    Although I have posted political stuff, mainly around the NHS (which does involve all of us unless we are rich enough to go private!) Im happy not to - I am enough involved in campaigning in other places. But many people seem to bring up stuff which is important to them such as DLA, bedroom tax and of course NHS, so maybe that could be another category for those who would like it - "Social/Political" or some such heading.

    Could the BLF tell us if different categories would be possible or practical? It would be a way to meet all our needs.

  • I enjoy reading about other peoples everyday lives, I blog about mine sometimes, otherwise the site becomes despressing with just illness and grotty lungs. I think is does us good just to chat, helps with loneliness and sadness and brightens up a long day which after all we have because of our illness.

    Lib x

  • Hi Libby

    I'm with you. Chatting to each other is good. I think that it would be a good idea to have a separate bit for chatting though.

    I love reading about the happy times that people have (new baby boys etc).

    Most of us suffer from lung disorders or take care (or have taken care) of loved ones with lung disorders and it is really helpful and comforting to have the advice on this forum. However, it is sometimes good to 'get away from it all' and hear about the good times.



  • Hello

    There are no plans to limit what is discussed on this community. This community is led primarily by the people who are members - so you bring up for discussion what you want to discuss -as long as the subjects do not break any community rules.

    It is then up to members to decide what discussions they want to contribute to - there is nothing in the rules that says everybody has to comment on every post - or that everybody has to like what everybody says.If you disagree with what someone says either ignore it or disagree politely.

    It would be great if posts could be kept on topic and not vere off into side discussions - but that is difficult to control - some people like to use this community as a type of "chat room" - but it would be great if we could keep those "cahts" separate.

    There are some changes coming to the community - the introduction of categories is one change - so yes it may be possible to have a Joke section or a Chat section - so that you can avoid those types of posts you would rather not see. As I learn more of the exact changes being introduced I will of course keep you informed.

    Also it would be great if the "report abuse" facility wasn't overused - if you don't like a subject just ignore it, there is no need to report it as abuse - the "report abuse" facility is there to report any breaches of community rules. The moderators are not here to act as censors - we only take action when there have been clear breaches of community rules.

    If you don't "like" a member - just ignore them - many of you seem to be able to do that - but ocassionally little "spats" start - just ignore (at some stage in the future we will have the facility for you to block members - so that you can choose not to see what they post, not block them from the site altogether).



  • common sense really isn't it


  • Agreed ... But is hard our conditions don't help ... As others have said pursed lip breathing helps to when hypervaitalating :O

    But yes if it was not mixed bag ... As others say would be grim like really we want to just talk about how f"""" we are

    When there is a lighter side ...

    All the best :)

  • heartily reciprocated pet :) x

  • Hi Daz

    This is moving away from the theme but your 'pursed lip beathing' reminded me of something which I found funny (although not at the time).

    A wee while ago I was having a problem breathing and did the pursed lip thing - my friend who was with me said that the way I had my lips looked like a cat's backside (she didn't actually say 'backside').



  • Goodness me, if all I had to talk about on here was my husbands lung problems I would cut my throat, I have enough of that from him day in and day out. When you are a carer, such as me, and cannot get out of the house as he doesn't want you to leave him, you need somewhere to let off steam and get advice from other people in the same situation. I am certain that comments and advice from you lovely people have stopped me packing my bags more than once just because I have got my problems off my chest, it is like talking to The Samaritans, but the difference is that the people on here know exactly what I am talking about. Also we get advice on benefits, new treatments etc. etc. and I for one would no longer use this site if it was for talking about lung problems only. I know sometimes we go off track about something or other, but there is always information to be gained from someone who has been through it themselves.

    Long live this site the way it is.

  • Hello Sweet Thing

    I don't really know what to say to you except that you must be a very good and patient person coping with everything that you do. Your life must be so hard caring for your husband. This must sound a bit trite but I do mean it.

    Being a carer for someone with lung problems must be so very difficult to deal with, especially when the person being cared for doesn't want you to go out.

    I hope that you have someone who can 'stand in for you' when you go out (you must go away from the problems now and again).

    Best wishes



  • I love your posts sweetthing and enjoy just about everything on this site. If I don't want to reply to any particular blogs then I don't. I agree with what you are saying but do not have the problems you have. I do feel for you as a carer myself and always wish you well. xxx

  • I like to share the brighter side of my life and thoughts with whoever cares to read them.

    Further I refuse to solely live my life through my illness. It's not always raining, the sun does shine and feeling good is not only good for all people it's particularly good for those of us with COPD.

    Religion and politics can bring out the darker side of human nature in some people, ( this is not just disagreement it's the ways it is sometimes expressed). Personal attacks seem to me childish and uncalled for - still each to his own.

    If the site changes to one which is not so pleasant then we can simply leave.


  • Hello Chris

    I love reading the happy things on this site because they balance out the sad things.



  • I'm with you Annec and I think we all are - sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's hard and sometimes I can take a deep breath and its just wonderful.


  • Politics is part of life! and affects us all every single day - especially right now, those trying to survive on benefits in these difficult times with all the changes coming in.

    Let's not let our lung problems define us, there's so much more to our lives. I have been a political person all my life and won't be stopping now, I still do my bit of campaigning when I can. I think I should have the right to respond (politely of course) if I disagree with what someone says on here.

    I hope we can make room for all the things which affect our lives, lungs included. I am delighted to hear of the birth of id's grandson! Such happy news! It would be a dry forum if it was limited to medical matters only, tho I agree that splitting it into topics is a good idea.

    I am glad there is no plan to censor what we discuss, provided the way we express ourselves is within the rules and the spirit of the site.

  • I agree with toonamp and o2trees,,another one or two general rooms would be excellent for day to day life,, and general chat about other stuff.As long as we do not lose sight of the fact,,that this is a BLF WEB SITE... :)

  • Our lungs are not our whole life...err...maybe they are, without them we'd not be here at all but who would want to be without KOTCs everyday humour etc. not I for one. I guess I did find it a bit strange as a newbie but now I've settled in its like an everyday day room on a specialist ward...does that make sense?

    Talk deviates but we always come back to SOB eventually.

  • great analogy there lucky! x

  • Thanks FF

    Glad someone understands my scrambled eggs!

  • Thank you Pepsicoley,, for a very good post :)

  • My morning routine (after regaining a more normal use of the 'ole lungs) is to sit glued to computer screen with cup of coffee and read everyone's blogs/questions with answers. I have learnt that Olbas Oil on my pillow helps me sleep through the night; that even with stage 4 emphysema I can do more than I thought I could and for longer and that 98% of the bloggers are warm, caring people. Even if the topic heading does not relate to me, I still read them with the view that if someone has been bothered to write, the least I can do is to be bothered to read. Different categories may well be of some help to members who can then 'cherry pick' the blogs they are interested in - I shall sample them all ! A great mix of people and characters on this site - thank you all :)

  • What I am looking for is identification. whether it be heart burn and indigestion treatment or action taken to improve mobility. I can talk 'till the cows home on any subject but this site helps concetrate the mind and focus on the priorities.

    Life and its quality which today is not more than 60%

  • Hello Everyone

    Thank you all very much for answering my question.

    I think that most of us agree that it is no bad thing to have posts about things other than lung disease.

    As Scrobbitty said, members can 'cherry pick' - if the question or blog sounds interesting then have a look. If on the other hand you think 'oh, for goodness sake' then don't look.



  • Thank you all for the positive responses to my post about having different categories.

    In my mind there is never any question of limiting this to a purely medical site,

    Though we're all suffering similar illnesses, or our nearest and dearest are, we are still an extremely vibrant bunch of people that have an eclectic mix of views and interests that should all be catered for.

    I was very pleased to read above, that Mark from the BFL helpline mentions that there will be more categories added soon.

    I don't get in here as regularly as many of you, and that would make navigating and answering posts so much easier..

    Thank you Tanyamarie for that help in finding the older threads :) :) :)

  • I think this site should stay exactly as it is now.

    Lib x

  • Although I'm not particularly into politics myself, except to moan when I feel we are being hard done by, I have no problem with others discussing it. I can choose to join in or not. My point about the political issue the other day was that I felt it wasn't relevant at the time because the day she died and maybe a couple of days after was for her family and others to say condolences, not the rights or wrongs of her time in office. Just my opinion of course.

  • Limit it to lung problems - that's its purpose.

  • I agree with fairy footsteps, all aspects of live are relevant and if we start picking and choosing what can be discussed we lose the benefit of widening our horizons. If I find a blog not to my liking I don't have to read it.

  • When I posted a joke the other day it did occur to me that causing laughter might be hazardous for some of us. In future I might add a 'health warning' "Danger this joke might make you laugh", I agree putting posts into categories would give protection to those who suffer after a good laugh. Trouble is I would still have to read them.

    This site and a cup of coffee always provide a good start to the day.

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