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A Symptom of COPD?


Because I was feeling really unwell, I made an appointment to see a GP at my surgery yesterday.

She found that I had an infection in my lung and prescribed antibiotics.

In addition to the breathlessness I had been experiencing I also had pain in my midriff and pain when taking a breath. No doubt the pain when breathing in was due to the infection but I am at a loss to know why there was (and still is) pain in my midriff. It is very painful when I cough.

Is this, do you think, something akin to COPD? I would welcome your comments.



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;Hi Annec, this is pretty common, it's generally due to pulling a muscle through coughing. It can also be caused by pleurisy and there have been people in this forum who have broken a rib through coughing too. Did you mention the pain to your doctor?

Pepsicoley in reply to libby7827

Hello Libby

Thank you for your post. I was really worried about the pain.

I did seak to the GP about it and she did mention pleurisy and she also thought that it was perhaps an ulcer(!). You have put my mind at rest though.

As to breaking ribs due to coughing fits, I broke one of my ribs (a few years ago) because of coughing - I coughed so much I ended up in a heap on the floor!

Thanks again, Libby. You're a star.


libby7827 in reply to Pepsicoley

Twinkle, twinkle! Actually, If you have a lot of gunk Annec, ask your doctor if you can try carbocisteine, it's marvellous for thinning it out and stops you coughing so much. Quite a few of us here use it, suits some but not others, I wouldn't be without it. Libby


Libby has all I know



Hi annec,good advice from libby above,, be a good idea to have a word with gp though,, :)

Thanks Guys

I'm very wary of going to my GP because almost every time I go I come out of the surgery with another illness or condition!

After my first op for cancer, I went on holiday with my husband to help me recouperate and I came back with a DVT and PE (so far, in four years, I have had four DVTs and four PEs).

I still have to have more tests for COPD yet.

Apart from the outcome of the COPD I am going to refuse to have anything else wrong with me.

Thanks again lovely people.



My doctor took months to diagnose COPD. Ask for a referral to the respiritory unit at your nearest hospital. I really suffered in the intervening months - I would have thought any doctor could easily tell the difference between mild asthma and emphysema.

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