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Now This Is More Like It ... University of Edinburgh MRC Centre for Inflammation Research


Mechanisms Underpinning Inflammation And The Remodelling Of Fibrosis Tissue Yes Pleases :P

Although Previously Considered At Best Irreversible Or At Worse Relentlessly Progressive Accumulating Evidence Suggests That Fibrosis Is At Least In Part Reversible And Inflammation Can Being Arrested .... Unlike Those Wrong Ones In Government

There As Been Huge Development In Lung Treatments .... Like I Never Knew Our Steroid Powder Inhalers Come Into Being From Viagra Inhalers Who Got Idea Of Smackheads Who Wanted Quick Fix :O

Nor Did I Previously Care About Iron Or Importance Of Blood Ph Or Inflammation Processes But Now I Know And Care I Feel Given Our BLF Forum Discussions On Our Lung Conditions Talking About How Our Lungs Are Bushed And Like Previously We Have Talked About Having Great Digestive Systems There Is Alway Hope :)

I Feel With Developments Like Above And Our Chats On BLF Forums We Are All Contributing And Opening Up More And New Avenues Of Research And Funding

Like Importance Of Digestive Systems To Complex Issues Of Iron :P And Its Complex Issues That Took Us To Developments Research In Altitude Sickness Like Carbonic Anhydrase And Other Drugs And How Our Will To Survive Our Bodies Will Look For Alternatives Pretty Much What Happens If Your Starving Your Body Will Look For Alternatives

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Morning Daz,

Ty for last night. Don't forget that iron also requires (frolic - my iPad made this change...must be all the talk of sex and Viagra we've been having so left it in to cheer you up) folic acid and vit B12 to assimilate/use the iron.

These are very important as vit B12 is implicated in tissue replication.

My Mum has to have injections of it as there's something wrong with her body's mechanism for creating/using it, she's also diabetic and has started to get SOB but won't tell GP.

Wonder if I inherited the SOB bit without the rest?

My Gran had diabetes (Mums Mum) and my daughter is glucose intolerant but my blood sugars are OK thank goodness - don't know if I could cope with anything else as well!

Just thought I'd add this connection in case it helps to tie things together???



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Hi Lorraine Hope Your feeling Tad Better :) Always Takes It Out Me To Sex and Viagra ... But Hay With Out It We Wouldn't Have Our Dry Powder Inhalers

But Yes Is Complex Business As You Say ... Must Be Something Init Tho Or Why Else Would You Body Try Producing More Red Blood Cells .... But As With Most Things You Fix One Then Other Problem Pops Up Like Carbon Monoxide Retention Like I Didn't Know Our Saliva And Our Mouth Mucus Expels Carbon Monoxide From Our Body's ...... And Its That Cause Our Acid Indigestion

Just Amazing How We Work Or Should Realty .... Anyway Cheers And Like A Say Hope You Feeling Better :)

All The Best

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