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I just became a grandfather to a healthy baby boy,,,,,,,mum and baby fine,,,,,,,,, 7lb 7oz,,,,,magic,,,, just had a thought that means YET ANOTHER XMAS PRESENT........Still it is my only grandson,,,,,,and only grand child,,,,,only joking,,,,, fishing football golf cricket motor racing darts pool snooker PUB ect ect,,no baby sitting,,they 150 miles away,,,,, better get the car serviced,,,,, AINT LIFE GRAND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :)

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So pleased for you, id2409. Enjoy every precious minute because they grow up SO fast. Our eldest grandson has now just passed his driving test. So have lots of fun!!

Congratulations Grandpa! Auntymary xx

Congrats,that's wonderful,they are so precious,my oldest Grandkid being 24, the youngest 9,as Annie said they grow up so fast.I looked after all of them when babies,so there Mums & Dads could save for there deposits on houses,which they all did.(I had 4 kids) Many happy memories of them all,we at long last a few years back,had a spare room back & not a nursery,bit sad realy!! Anyway I won't waffle on, make sure you enjoy the ride!!

Love Wendells xxx

Congratulations wonderful news.

Kim xxx

Congratulation to you and Grandma :) xx

Aw, congratulations, really happy for you :)

Congratulations to you and the other Grandparents and of course the proud Parents :)

(start saving now for all the outings coming up - have you seen the cost of the cinema these days :D )


congrats i have 5 the oldest 19..and 4 under 10...

now you can have all the toys you ever wanted and relive your childhood its great and my do they keep you young all over again. enjoy .......and love to all.xx

many many congratulations, wonderful news, have they picked a name yet ?

NOT yet

Congrats! x

Congratulations on the new arrival granddad.

I'm so pleased for you pops! great news! x :D X


how good is that congratulations, enjoy him xxx

Thanks,,hope you feeling better today x

Hiya yeah i'm much better now thanks for asking xx

Congratulations and jubilations we want the world to know that we are pleased for you.


God its hard work when there pregnant,,,lost weight through stress,, took up drinking,,,,smoking,,,,,playing cards ect ect,,,,,,thank god labour only lasted 14hrs me shattered,,,hahahahhaahahaahahahhahah

The opposite sex have no idea of what we go through during pregnancy.All they have to do is suffer a few twinges.


The KOTC laughter show

Your daily tonic.

Oooow you are sooo looking for trouble.!!!!

Catch me if you can!

Congratulations it,s brilliant news enjoy your cuddles :))

Congratulations Grandad & Grandma, We have 4 grandchildren and 5 greatgrandchildren and they all bring us lots of joy and laughter. PS apart from the expense!

hi grandad

enjoy the years but it just flies by i know make the most of the laughter and mess but it is good fun and well worth it they make u laugh and smile all will be fine another light in your life gives u something to look forward to when baby comes round to see you x

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