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Go compare, go compare

if I hear that song once more

I do declare,

I shall no longer

shell out my Wonga,

and I shall go elsewhere

to go and go compare.


Confused dot com

confused dot co-om,

if you think

I will sink

to your brainwashing song

you could not be more wrong.

So where am I going

to insure my car,

Iv'e looked quite near

and Iv'e looked quite far.

Maybe the one with the Bulldog,

the one that keeps saying OH YES,

but one thing I will tell

it's still the hard sell,

Shall I keep on looking ?

you guess.

Iv'e got to go

with the two Meerkats,

they get my vote everyday,

there's something about Alexandr

and his faithfull sidekick Sergie.

Its amazing the trouble he goes to

and he really does a great job.

That poor little Meerkat

stays up through the night

slaving over a red hot computermabob.!!!

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You should enter that into the poem contest


I am amazed, Chris, this is great. Is it your contribution to the poetry comp. Well done.


Thanks Kotc. The last two poems were written during the winter of 2011/2012. It was a bad time for me healthwise, and writing these ditties kept my mind of how rubbish I felt. I only found them the other day, and have put them on hopefully to bring a smile to anybody who feels that way now.I'm sure you already have lots of worthy contenders. Cheers.


This has what to do with lung disease?


Hamletvv. Did you not read the comment above yours, or would it be more to your ideals if everything was doom and gloom, sackcloth and ashes. If a bit of levity on site offends you, DONT READ IT!!!




Thank to all positive comments, another on its way. Don't look Ethel???


Sorry been a bit busy but thats a brilliant bit of poetry and funny too in places . Keep em coming as they say.Need a bit of subject change now and again


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